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It’s a Spraycation: Art exhibitions to check out this November

“Art is to console those who are broken by life,” says Vincent Van Gogh, and that’s why you’re reading this article. Endorse local creatives and get inspired at these art exhibitions in Bangkok this November 2022.

Bangkok has witnessed exponential growth in the art scene in the last few years. Whether it is art galleries, talented artists, or art connoisseurs – the metropolis has observed an escalated interest in all aspects. This has led to a plethora of art exhibitions popping up across the capital city. Be in the know of what’s hot and happening in the art scene with our monthly column. Here are five art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this November.

[Hero and featured image credit: River City Bangkok]

Art Exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this November 2022

‘Anything & Everything’ by Aubrey Kurlansky

Image credit: Aubrey Kurlansky

As an artist, designer, and photographer who finds interest in the human body, art, and architecture, Aubrey Kurlansky perceives these as raw materials and turns them into art using his paintbrushes and camera lens. His works, in a nutshell, explore human diversity and difference as well as the notion of looking and being looked at. ‘Anything & Everything’ displays his wry perspective towards the world we live in, presenting his creative journey through a collection of paintings, photographs, and graphic works.

‘Anything & Everything’ takes place at Play Arthouse from November 5-27, 2022. Find out more via the website.

‘Yesterday I Was, Tomorrow I Will Be’ by Pomme Chan

Image credit: River city Bangkok

‘Yesterday I Was, Tomorrow I Will Be’ reflects on the 20-year artistic journey of Pomme Chan or Tachamapan ‘Pomme’ Chanchamrassang. As the artist lays open her life in all perspectives possible, viewers are taken on a lifetime journey to learn about her dreams, good old days, feelings, and emotions as she grows. By fulfilling her dream of having her own solo exhibition, it may, at the same time, be regarded as her last solo show before fully diverting into the entrepreneur field.

‘Yesterday I Was, Tomorrow I Will Be’ takes place at RCB Galleria 1, River City Bangkok until November 20, 2022. Find out more via the website.

‘Twilight of the Icons’ by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew

Image credit: SAC Gallery

Through the concept that art and political ideologies are inseparable, these artworks by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew highlight people from changing times, where our memories of their faces have been obscured with the passing of time. The artworks are on the borderline between two- and three-dimension, painting, and sculpture, produced by layers of gauze sheets — the signature method of the artist.

‘Twilight of the Icons’ will take place at Art Centre Building, SAC Gallery until December 3, 2022. Find out more via the website

Hotel Art Fair

Image credit: Hotel Art Fair

The one-of-a-kind art exhibition where hotel spaces are transformed into art spaces is finally coming back. This time, the four-day Hotel Art Fair will bring over 30 galleries and artists together from around the world, including Bangkok CityCity Gallery, La Lanta Fine Art, Pomme Chan, and Warin Lab Contemporary. Across the already-aesthetic spaces of The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon, this year’s Hotel Art Fair is definitely a can’t-miss.

Hotel Art Fair takes place at The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon from November 3-6, 2022 from 11am-10pm. Find out more via the website.

‘It’s Me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama’ by Arut Tantasirin

Image credit: River city Bangkok

Warbie Yama gained popularity since his first appearance in the award-winning animation, Cheez…z. This sarcastic bird, created by Thai animator Arut Tantasirin, has also been making waves through LINE stickers among Thai fans. In this exclusive exhibition, the audience will be transported through the nine zones of Warbie’s personalities, including Arut’s personal journey. In partnership with River City Bangkok, the creators intend it to be a mutual space for both children and adults.

‘It’s Me Warbie! The Inside World of Warbie Yama’ takes takes place at RCB Galleria 2, River city Bangkok from November 25, 2022 to January 25, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Big Hug’ exhibition by give.me.museums

Image credit: KICHgallery/Facebook

Let the artist give.me.museums display her feelings through a series of simple landscape paintings. Without any particular meaning in itself, these art works exude positive energy and warmth—just like being embraced in a big hug.

Walk into the fields of flowers and recharge your energy with the character being inserted into the paintings: a simple little girl stepping out of her comfort zone and into the world. Talk about relatability.

‘Big Hug’ exhibition is on display at KICHgallery from October 22, 2022 to December 16, 2022. You can find out more via their Facebook.

Brutal Club Exhibition by Karms

Image credit: River City Bangkok/Facebook

Trendy Gallery and River City Bangkok came together to feature an exhibition all about freedom, or lack thereof. Artist Karms have came up with art works that provoke thoughts and discussions on society, imprisonment, and how the world may just be a very big cage we all live in, unable to present out true selves freely.

Michel Foucault is already shaking in fear in his grave.

Brutal Club Exhibition by Karms is available from October 15, 2022 to November 20, 2022 at RCB Galleria 4 on 2nd floor of River City Bangkok. You can find out more via the website.

It’s a Spraycation: Art exhibitions to check out this November

Vichayuth Chantan and Paint Chayanin

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