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Visit Siam Discovery’s debut Co-Creation Space with ICONCRAFT for a dose of inspiration

If you’re seeking inspiration this season, it’s time to head right over to Siam Discovery: The Exploratorium for their newly-unveiled Co-Creation Space.

A collaborative effort between Siam Discovery and a number of creators and artists, the exciting event has launched on the 3rd floor, welcoming creators of various arts. The Co-Creation space is based on a ‘create, deliver, and elevate’ concept, and is designed for creators to express their creativity through a combination of products and innovation. The goal is to deliver creative ideas, knowledge, and innovation to the next generation, taking passion and inspiration to new heights. Read on to find out what you can expect of the space, and why you too should head right over to check it out.

[All images courtesy of Siam Discovery]

A special partnership with ICONCRAFT

Premiering the new Siam Discovery Co-Creation Space, Siam Discovery has partnered with ICONCRAFT, a platform showcasing Thailand’s finest creative work, to create a brand-new ‘EP.1 The Craftsmanship’ concept revealing products derived from Thailand’s elegant heritage, as interpreted by new-generation talents. The work is rich in style, and filled with bold, fresh features, yet it still contains qualities that represent traditional Thai elegance.

A remarkable display of innovative products can be found inside the new space, including Thai fabric which reflects the grace and delicate qualities of local wisdom and heritage, preserved by craftsmen from the previous generations. BAAN KHAMPUN silk, one of many examples, is a work of art created by master Meechai Taesujariya — one of only 10 disciples to master the art of hand-woven textile. Traditional-style printed fabric, or also known as chintz, from MANTRA, naturally dyed silk from KHWAN, tie-dyed Taem Mi silk from SILK FUSION, and traditional Thai silk from PHATOOMTHONG and more collectively represent quality craftsmanship, creativity and Thai heritage — courtesy of the partnership between Siam Discovery, ICONCRAFT, and a wave of young talented artists.

Unique designs blended with local wisdom

The distinct feature of the new space is the display of products created from exclusive collaborations between a number of artists and designers whose uniqueness are blended with local wisdom to finesse a variety of refined products, ranging from Thai textile and clothing to handcrafted furniture. All of these items are exclusively on sale at Siam Discovery Co-Creation Space and ICONCRAFT Siam Discovery, where a list of brands and labels include Wisharawish, Pabaja Studio, Realistic Situation, Thinkk Studio and 56thStudio.

Experience the contemporary elegance of Thai heritage through the work crafted by creative artists — today until 17 September 2020, only at “Siam Discovery Co-Creation Space”, 3rd Floor, Siam Discovery: The Exploratorium. For more information, visit the Siam Discovery Facebook page and stay updated with their Instagram: @siamdiscovery.

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