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Why pink skies are showing up all over your Instagram feed

With summer almost coming to an end, one of the things that have made a return once more is the pink sky trend on many Korean Instagram accounts. 

Aside from K-pop, Korean dramas and Korean food, another Korean upcoming trend on Korean social media are Korean aesthetics and photography accounts showcasing candy-coloured images of the city. Amongst these are accounts posting pictures of the sky at sunset with the hashtag #핑크하늘 or pinkeu haneul, which translates to ‘pink sky’. They’re pretty spectacular, ranging from pastel sweet to unicorn-coloured and just purely cinematic.

Here are some of the best pink skies from Korean Instagram accounts to inspire your next sunset shot.


Photographer Dongwon Jang has gained over 500,000 followers on Instagram thanks to the gorgeous shots taken—using just a smartphone (as stated in his bio). His images often feature the cityscape, with the pastel skies and fluffy clouds taking centre stage as the highlight, making him one of the very well-known pink sky Korean Instagram accounts. He also has a blog on the Korean SNS, Naver, where he offers photography classes that even smartphone users can apply for.


Another popular Korean Instagram account, @neighborpic’s photos often feature sunset scenes in Seoul and the brooding evening skies in shades of deep purple and pink.


Photographer Hyunjoo Um’s account is filled with pretty pink skies and romantic, wanderlust images of the Korean countryside.


Rainsoop’s account captures spring and summer’s essence through vibrant photos of the clear skies and blossom-filled images. Alternating with these are the occasional pink sky shots during sunset in Seoul.


This Korean photographer is also a travel creator, so you can expect each post to be accompanied by carefully written recommendations and fun facts. In this stunning panoramic shot, Seoul’s Namsam Tower is set against the fading pink sky.


Orangepolo is a photographer based in Daegu. His photography of the Daegu cityscape captures the mundane in a beautiful and cinematic way, portraying the city at different hours of the day.

(Hero and Featured Image Credit: Ciaran O’Brien @icidius/Unsplash)

Nicharee Phatitit
Print and multimedia content creator Nicharee is a journalist, translator and copywriter who has written extensively for several of Thailand's prominent lifestyle publications and luxury beauty brands. In her free time, she enjoys doing interior styling and writing English and Korean poetry.