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10 newly added Netflix movies and shows to binge-watch this August

After a long, laborious day at work, sometimes all you want to do is stay home and temporarily turn into a full-blown couch potato. And with Netflix brimming with both classic and new films and shows at the tip of your fingers every month, it’s easy to see why it’s the go-to option for binge-watchers.

Whether you’re looking to plan your nights around new releases or pull an all-nighter soaking up the latest series, we’ve curated a list of recently added novelties on Netflix to save you from endlessly searching for something to watch.

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1 /10

'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman'

After having hosted late-night talk shows for over 30 years, David Letterman has finally released his own TV series, documenting the juiciest in-depth interviews with America’s biggest names. Featuring heartfelt stories, tabloid talks, and controversial topics, as well as behind-the-scene accounts of his exclusive guests, this new show will definitely keep your eyes glued to the screen.

2 /10

'Queer Eye'

Following the success of the first season, the Fab Five have returned stronger and sassier than ever. Watch as five gay men, each experts in their own fields, embark on a mission to transforming straight guys’ lives into a better direction, touching on everything from food and design, to grooming, fashion and culture. A makeover that’s more than just a makeover, the show’s strength is in showing that one is able to express/find the common ground between both feminine and masculine energy.

3 /10

'Dear White People'

Series and movies themed around American college experiences have become almost commonplace in the TV world. But the navigation around the political issues based on colour discriminations of students at an Ivy League school are sure not on the cliché list. Depicting the lives within so-called post-racial America through aspects of romance, competition, and discrimination, the show manages to portray a near-parody of social justice and the issue of reverse racism.

4 /10

'Like Father'

Whatever the reasons may be, some brides or grooms do leave their future husband and wife at the altar. That’s what happens in this story to Rachel Hamilton, a workaholic bride bailed by the love of her life on her wedding day. Yet instead of portraying the much-told story of Rachel stumbling her way to the perfect prince, she instead runs into her estranged dad. By mistakenly taking him on a Caribbean honeymoon cruise instead of her beloved fiancé, daughter and dad are set unknowingly on a journey of reconciliation.

5 /10

'Santa Clarita Diet'

Who would have thought a story evolving around a zombie apocalypse could be this funny? When an ordinary housewife learns about her odd craving for human meat, the newly converted cannibal tries to carve her new life around the intense appetite for human flesh with the help from her husband and daughter. Packed with satire and jokes hidden under the main, zombie-focused plot, the show deals with topics of family, marriage, and honest expression of one’s true self. Marathon both seasons — they’re guaranteed to get you laughing your head off at every episode.

6 /10

'Flavors Of Youth: International Version'

Calling all lovers of anime. This anthology film telling the tales of three love stories set in three different cities in China will sure set you in the mood for love. Witness the intertwining paths of lost souls and indulge in the longing and loss of the characters’ relationships. Perhaps with a cup of hot tea in hand on a rainy August day, delight in the trinity of the tale, and make it a romantic night-in.

7 /10

'Orphan Black'

Addictive and compelling, Orphan Black‘s fifth and final season is ready to take you by the hand to explore feminine power in all facets, and controversial conflicts of morality and identity within a real-world society. A modern science fiction story of a ghostly duplicate of dead persons (yes, more than one), Sarah is an identity theft on a journey of taking over her cloning selves. It’s a hunt that might destroy her life or consume the soul of her real self.

8 /10

'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'

Many epic movies or shows started out as best-selling books, and this Netflix original series is included within that list. A coming-of-age story chronicling the lives of three-generation orphans continuously being tormented by the evil Count Olaf, Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events plays with the idea of what it means to grow up but also how to enjoy being kids. Though the book-to-show alteration is not entirely seamless, with a few unreal graphics here and there, the series does succeed drawing more dramatic emotions when things take a violent turn.

9 /10


Made for serious binge-watching, Slasher is a horror anthology series based around Sarah’s life after the violent killing of her parents. While the murders of her parents remain officially solved, expect no ordinary plot. Loaded with gore and hysteria, the show depicts a social satire weaved seamlessly on religion versus reality and heaven versus hell.

10 /10

'Discovery of Love'

K-drama fans, this one is for you. When her ex-boyfriend is assigned as her new workmate years after they last saw each other, Han Yeo-Reum, a sensible furniture designer, finds her work and love life flipped upside down by her ex’s return. And let’s be honest, as cliché and corny as they can be, love stories never really get old. Airing back in 2014 but newly added to Netflix Thailand, get ready to be moved by the cheesy but cheery romance of these three characters.

10 newly added Netflix movies and shows to binge-watch this August

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