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Spraycation: Best art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok right now

Art is blossoming around the city, so here’s the chance to get out and support local talents. Let us show you the best art exhibitions in Bangkok to head to this October 2023.

Bangkok has witnessed exponential growth in the art scene in the last few years. Whether it is art galleries, talented artists, or art connoisseurs – the metropolis has observed an escalated interest in all aspects. This has led to a plethora of art exhibitions popping up across the capital city. Be in the know of what’s hot and happening in the art scene with our monthly column.

[Hero and featured image credit: True Digital Park]

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this October 2023

‘Time to Go Home’ by Kenz

Image credit: River City Bangkok

Kenz inspects the concept of home in his first solo exhibition in Bangkok. ‘Make yourself at home, not just in a house. Home can be either a Safe Zone or a Self Zone’ stresses that home can encompass people, places, or any objects that make us feel safe, warm, and comfortable. As we stumble through life over the passage of time, we can still cherish our home locations in our mind, even when we’re physical distances away.

‘Time to Go Home’ is on show at River City Bangkok until November 19, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘EMERGE: Photo Thesis Exhibition 2023’

Image credit: HOP

Hub Of Photography (HOP) brings together 2022 and 2023 graduates into this photo thesis exhibition. ‘Emerge’ is a platform for students to take the first step into the professional image-making world by allowing them to tell stories through their lens. Peek inside the next-gen’s perspectives by exploring 30 theses from 30 young artists.

‘Emerge’ is on show at HOP Photo Gallery, Whoop! and HOP Spot until November 5, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘KUU KA N’ by Bathma Kaew-ngok and Naomi Daimaru

Image credit: La Lanta Fine Art

Kuu Kan means ‘space’ in Japanese and ‘together’ in Thai. In this vibrant exhibition, a Thai ceramic artist and a Japanese floral artist come to find the importance of space in the togetherness of a couple. Beautiful sculptures and potteries based on Iga-Yaki philosophy from Kaew-ngok and a range of printmaking, drawing, painting, and floral art installations based on Ikebana from Daimaru will take over the space. An Ikebana workshop will also be arranged. Moreover, the couple will also perform Himogake or the packing ceremony to pass on their artworks to the new owners on the last day of the exhibition.

‘KUU KA N’ is on show at La Lanta Fine Art until October 29, 2023. The Ikebana workshop takes place on October 8, 3pm-4pm. Find out more via the website.

‘Lonely Together’ by LonelyPop

Image credit: True Digital Park

Everyone gets lonely sometimes. That is the gist of what LonelyPop’s first exhibition is aiming to present. With the usage of immersive digital art, the artist wants to bring the character to an international scale using NFT, because that is still regarded a good thing by many others and has no downsides at all. Go see art and heal.

‘Lonely Together’ is on display at True Digital Park until 30 November, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Collapse’ by Vichaya Mukdamanee

Image credit: 333Gallery/Facebook

As twists and turns become more like a curve in the road we can see coming for Thai politics, we were left just whelmed and somewhat hopeless. To many, Thai politics has collapsed. That’s what Thai artist Vichaya Mukdamanee’s exhibition is all about.

‘Collapse’ is on show at 333Gallery from 10-22 October, 2023. You can find more information via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this September 2023

‘Compilation’ by POD ART

Image credit: 333Gallery

Thanachai ‘Pod’ Ujjin of popular Thai band Moderndog unveils an art exhibition where physical art and music intersect. A white grand piano sits as part of the installation, surrounded by eight sections of art, reflecting different parts that make up a song: intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, second verse, bridge, solo, and outro. That grand piano can also be fully interacted with, as a way to immerse yourself further into messages of the exhibition.

‘Compilation’ is on display at 333Gallery until October 8, 2023. You can find out more via the website.

‘James Nachtwey: Memoria’

Image credit: The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand

War cannot be described in mere few paragraphs, it is through countless battles that we are still feeling its effects until today, both good and bad. War is violence, war is lost, but studying it gives us a sense of compassion, comraderie, and the value of life. James Nachtwey has spent his life as a photographer documenting wars and critical issues throughout the world. Let us commemorate and celebrate the people and locations captured through James’ camera, for war has affected us all, yet we are the ones still standing.

‘James Nachtwey: Memoria’ is on display at BACC until November 26, 2023. You can find out more via the website.

‘Urge’ by Soichiro Shimizu

Image credit: Supples

The newly inaugurated Supples Gallery is showcasing a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Soichiro Shimizu. In his latest artworks, he explores the deep and profound concept of cyclicity and the captivating nature of cycles. These multidimensional creations unveil themselves through intricate and diverse forms, but they don’t depict repetitive rotations. Instead, they represent interconnected chains, each with their own unique character. Much like the endless circulation of oceans around the globe, Shimizu’s art embodies the ever-changing dynamics, resulting in a continuous and impulsive flow that resonates throughout his large-scale rectangular paintings.

‘Urge’ is on show at Supples Fine Art until October 3, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Second Life’ by Jarupatch Achavasmit and Sakarin Krue-on

Image credit: Warin Lab Contemporary

Sakarin Krue-on had his photographic installation called ‘Chronicle of the Landscape’ last year. With the artworks still being safekept by Warin Lab Contemporary, Jarupatch Achavasmit has initiated a second approach to its life cycle. She continues Sakarin’s legacy by reinterpreting the art piece into textile art, which is her forte. By giving ‘Chronicle of the Landscape’ a second life, the duo is also contributing to the concept of sustainability upheld by the gallery.

‘Second Life’ is on show at Warin Lab Contemporary until October 14, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Yoomoota – The Universe About You’ by Taras Yoom

Image credit: 333Gallery

This groundbreaking Russian artist makes his debut in Asia with his first solo exhibition that features sculptures, paintings, mixed media pieces, storybooks, and NFTs. In his 23-planet universe, emotions, bodies, addictions, pleasures, and childhood all get their own terrain with different characters to represent them. Led by Yoomata hero Asprim, we’re all taken on a journey to study our own inner universe.

‘Yoomoota – The Universe About You’ is on show at 333Gallery, Iconsiam until September 28, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘The Body of Cybele’ by Liu Youran

Image credit: River City Bangkok

Liu Youran explores the contemporary female identities, emphasising the perception of female bodies. Cybele is the Great Mother of the Gods who has been worshipped with orgiastic rites, but in ‘The Body of Cybele,’ Youran is looking to portray female figures with both divinity and immanence. Through puppet-like figures symbolising detachment and objectification, she strives for visually pristine artwork that challenges conventional beauty standards.

‘The Body of Cybele’ is on show at Tang Contemporary Art, River City Bangkok until October 14, 2023. Find out more via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this August 2023

“Bliss” by Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup

Image credit: River City Bangkok

Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup are a duo of artists from Bhutan, portraying the teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism and the culture of Bhutan as they paint on the same canvas. This new exhibition not only shows the religious inspiration, but also the intangible cultures of Bhutan, from psychedelics to shamanism. The characters depicted in the portraits are symbolic of innate warrior spirit possessed by every human, and by recognising that innate power, we can then harness it and battle life’s obstacles.

“Bliss” is on show until 3 September at RCB Photographers’ Gallery 1, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok. You can find more via the website.

“Aspiration” by AS!N

Image credit: Central: The Original Store

AS!N, or Ong-Ekarat Nakanukroh, had been putting up his works all over the world highlighting contemporary issues from inequity to environmental problems. For this exhibition, however, he chose to put happiness and joy into the spotlight, depicting worlds filled with wonderful things presented by his signature chicken character. If you’re feeling down from all the problems in your daily conversations, visit the exhibition for a change of pace.

“Aspiration” is on display until 3 September at Central: The Original Store. You can find more via the website.

“Flock Of” by Bit.Studio

Image credit: True Digital Park/Facebook

Blending art and technology, the exhibition offers you a chance to swim with the swarm of floating fish controlled by AI technology. Each movement of the fish is calculated, resulting in life-like motions as if you’re the one finding Nemo. It’s a perfect opportunity for those who love interactive art, and of course, photo opps for socials. Entry is free for members of TPDK Life, which is also free of charge to sign up and register with.

“Flock Of” is on show until 15 September at True Digital Park. You can find more via the website.

“The Robust Flowers” by Bookbank

Image credit: River City Bangkok

When we think of flowers, we think of their positive symbolism: beauty, vitality, colourfulness. Bookbank is shifting the expectations for this exhibition, telling the story of other qualities that make up a flower that may not be all positive, but inseparable from the object. Flowers can be fragile, they can be imperfect, dainty and with flaws—quite similar to a human. But with perseverance, it’s not impossible to challenge whatever life throws at us, like a flower growing in tough conditions.

“The Robust Flowers” is on display until 10 September at River City Bangkok. You can find out more via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this July 2023

All You Could Hear’ by Sinta Tantra

Image credit: Richard Koh Fine Art

Sinta Tantra depicts an important part of her culture in this exhibition about the Balinese festival of Nyepi. During Nyepi, a day of silence and meditation, all you could hear are the sound of the crickets, and the images of her home amid the dark and quiet surroundings are displayed in relation with the nature and the universe. In this at-peace exhibition, Tantra encourages us to consider how our cultural and physical background affects how we interpret images and spaces.

‘All You Could Hear’ is on show at Richard Koh Fine Art until July 22, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Unseen Heroes’ by Chalee Phunsukphoudee, Chayanin Nakapan, Kodsoung Eangubon, Manop Momin, Navapon Huanchaiyaphum, Nidchakan Kongsawat, Pattaraphon Khumpong, Preeyanuch Udomrai, Ronachart Mahakphichian, Sirawit Suharitdumrong, Tanawat Muratatunyaluk, and Teerapong Kamolput

Image credit: River City Bangkok

A group of 12 artists comes together in this exhibition about the heroes behind the scene. The canvases display the figures such as a trainer who helps athletes to succeed, a father in support of his son’s dream, children in a war-torn land, and many others. Through the powerful brushstrokes, some of the unseen heroes on these canvases might shed a new halo on some people in your life.

‘Unseen Heroes’ is on show at RCB Galleria 4, River City Bangkok until July 30, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Not Exactly “A-NO-NE”’ by Benzilla, Chalat Kanjanaratanakorn, Nateepol Charoenthurayont, and Ravit Teutvongse

Image credit: 333 Gallery

The term ‘a-no-ne’ was once popular among the teens to refer to something innocent, cute, and is often associated with the Japanese culture. The four notable artists devise on their artworks that are not exactly cute and pure anymore as they matured over time. The inspiration is rooted in the visual culture of the Japanese pop culture that is ubiquitous in all Thai aspects.

‘Not Exactly “A-NO-NE”’ is on show at 333 Gallery during July 8-30, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Everybody/Cries/Sometimes’ by Crybaby Molly

Image credit: TrendyGallery.Art/Facebook

Everybody cries sometimes. Be it for a hard day of work, a heartbreak, lost relative—it’s a normal, human thing to cry. This exhibition is here to remind everyone of that fact, and aim to prevent anyone from crying alone. The artworks portray different emotions that could lead to crying, from anguish and grief to depression. Let us cry and heal our souls together.

‘Everybody/Cries/Sometimes’ is on show at River City Bangkok from 22 July – 30 September, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Portrait’ by international artists

Image credit: Sathorn 11 art space/Facebook

‘Portrait’ is a collection of portraits by international artists, each portraying a person of their choice. Artists that are contributing include: Marcela Paz, Misha Maganet, Vlada Lee, Maxim Maltykov, Damian Black, Sirode Siramanon, Sittichai Tangkatitham, Manon Sutham.

‘Portrait’ is on display at Sathorn 11 art space from 15 July – 13 August. You can find more information via the website.

‘Celestial Secret’ by Peter Yuill

Image credit: West Eden

It’s Peter Yuill’s first exhibition in Thailand, and he is presenting a themed exhibition on sacred geometry. Through his signature-style geometry, the journey is an intersection between spirituality, mathematics, and physics. Guests will be enthralled by each piece, as each piece is hand-drawn with intricacy.

‘Celestial Secret’ is on show at West Eden until 27 July. You can find more information via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this June 2023

‘Beauty of Decay’ by JM Robert

Image credit: Rosewood Bangkok

As an alumnus of the Métiers d’Art national institute of arts and crafts, JM Robert has found a unique beauty in urban decay. Coupled with his innovative fusion of pop art and street art, ‘Beauty of Decay’ is born to celebrate the qualities of woman—the grace and strength they carry themselves with as they fight against a world that still restrains their potential.

‘Beauty of Decay’ by JM Robert is on show at 3rd floor of Rosewood Bangkok until September 14, 2023. You can find out more via the website.

‘Hueb’ by students of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University

Image credit: hueb.exhibition/Instagram

In Thai, to ‘hueb’ means to fight forward knowing obstacles are inbound. This exhibition organised by the students of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University, aims to bring up topics and obstacles in our daily lives that make us suffer. Whether it’s a bad childhood, governmental problems, or just the unhappiness one can get listening to other people’s problems, we still need to hueb forward and face the day.

‘Hueb’ by students of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Bangkok University, is on show until 30 September. You can find more information via the website.

‘Pawspace’ by GINKGO X NANPED

Image credit: GINKGO/Facebook

‘Pawspace’ is a new exhibition featuring illustration of adorable cats doing adorable cat things, such as climbing up roofs, accompanying humans on the BTS, playing with the Democracy Monument. If that description doesn’t make you want to check it out immediately, we don’t know what will. Grab a cup of coffee and some snacks as you look up and enjoy the paintings while you’re at it.

‘Pawspace’ by GINKGO X NANPED is available until 8 July at Play Space. You can find more via the website.

‘Urban Bangkok’ by Pavel Khon

Image credit: Photohostel & Photocafe/Facebook

Fans of street photography will be able to experience Bangkok through the lenses of Pavel Khon. Sometimes when you see something everyday, you never get to stop and appreciate the beauty of each place. This exhibition may get you to see the city through a new light, watch the things go by each day in a new way.

‘Urban Bangkok’ is on show until July 28 at Photohostel & Photocafe. You can find more information via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this May 2023

‘The Faroese Chronicle’ by Bill Bensley

Image credit: Art Space by MOCA Bangkok

Bill Bensley, renowned hotel designer, conservationist, and philanthropist, debuts his latest exhibition portraying the Faroe Islands through the lens of the Faroese Knitting Club. Having always been a regular visitor of the island for the past 15 years, Bensley depicts the Faroe Islands as more than a beautiful, exotic place but an intimate society rich with history. Comprising of 38 artworks, the exhibition will donate 100% of the proceeds to Shinta Mani Foundation.

‘The Faroese Chronicle’ will be on show at Art Space by MOCA Bangkok at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River until July 31, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Transcendence: Body as Landscape’ by Chatmongkol Insawang

Image credit: Richard Koh Fine Art

Chatmongkol Insawang’s closeness with sickness and death leads him to an exhibition that explores the philosophy of life and nature. In between 2D and 3D forms of art, he narrates a journey through the human body’s change and deterioration with the passing of time, whether as sculptures, on canvas, or acrylic plate.

‘Transcendence: Body as Landscape’ is on show at Richard Koh Fine Art until May 27, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Chroma’ by Amnaj Wachirasut

Image credit: 333 Gallery

Chroma is a true work of colours. For Amnaj Wachirasut, it represents his life, mind, imagination, and is a reflection of his environment. This abstract version of reality allows him to push beyond limitation and find new development. In this exhibition are colour palettes in all its diversity and quality, from black and white to pastel to bright red.

‘Chroma’ is on show at 333 Gallery, Warehouse 30 until May 28, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Dreams’ by Khin Zaw Latt

Image credit: Central: The Original Store

“When there is war, no matter who loses or wins, the true losers are the people living in the warzone,” says Burmese artist Khin Zaw Latt. As such, he lets us in on a journey of lost hopes and dreams, as well as suffering as a result of war. The destruction, the people that lost their families, all the discrimination—let yourself be reminded of the negativity going on around the world, and together spark a discourse about peace and hope.

‘Dreams’ by Khin Zaw Latt is on display at Central: The Original Store until 21 May, 2023, You can find more via the website.

‘Content without Light’ by Tamruja Dharmasaroja

Image credit: Palette Artspace

While the sun is the prominent, shining fixed star in the universe, there are some other small planets that revolve around the giant. In the realm where everything is glistening and glamorous, there are common citizens working tirelessly behind the scenes under the success of the more visible stars. If they’re usually under-appreciated, is it time for them to be treated equally just like the others? Visit ‘Content without Light’ and find out.

‘Content without Light’ is on show at Palette Artspace until May 9, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Players’ by Monnnae

Image credit: KICHgallery/Facebook

In the first ever solo exhibition by Monnnae, the highlight is the different people of the world. We are all unique, diverse, and full of personality. We can be ordinary, but in a way, our ordinariness is what makes us stand out. Through a series of paintings, guests are invited to feel the wave of positivity as they are reminded that they are protagonists in their own story. Carpe diem, and so on.

‘Players’ by Monnnae is on show until 25 June, 2023. You can find out more via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this April 2023

‘A Sense of Thai: The Golden Kingdom’

Image credit: Central Embassy

Only for a limited period, Central Embassy is throwing a Songkran bash so artful it’s worth going through all this summer heat for. The whole department store is decorated with Thai art inspired by the four eras of Thai history. Visit the Golden Link on Level 2, a 10-metre tall replica of The Great Pagoda in the middle, as well as “The Journey to Anodard Exhibition” by Teerapon Sisung. Thai culture is displayed through the art of copper weaving, taking forms of the beautiful creatures Kinnorn and Kinnaree of Thai mythology.

‘A Sense of Thai: The Golden Kingdom’ is on display until 17 April. You can find more information at Central Embassy.

‘The Standard x Lucy Sparrow – Add to Cart’

Image credit: The Standard Bangkok, Mahanakhon

“Even a street cart can be made into art,” says acclaimed British artist Lucy Sparrow, and her newest exhibition will show you exactly how art is all around us. Visit the hotel’s The Parlor and Tease, both of which have been transformed into a street food market, filled with snacks, fruits, and a bunch of local street food favourites crafted entirely from felt. Imagine cotton candy, Isaan pork sausages, moo ping, and more, all handstitched and decorated with little eyes. It’s a memory lane for locals, and an opportunity that cannot be missed for art lovers.

‘The Standard x Lucy Sparrow – Add to Cart’ is on display until 5 May. You can find more information at The Standard Bangkok, Mahakhon.

‘She’s Too Much’ by Juli Baker and Summer

Image credit: River City Bangkok

‘She’s Too Much’ tells a story that encircles the 28-day period of a female fictional character who has wishes, experiences, and emotions just like anybody else. She’s usually described by those around her as ‘she’s too much,’ especially in regards to the emotions that overwhelm her each day. Those emotions are explored, documented, and reworked into 29 paintings and sculptures in this exhibition by Juli Baker and Summer.

‘She’s Too Much’ is on show until April 16, 2023 at RCB Galleria 4, River City Bangkok. Find out more via the website.

‘Pure Imagination’

Image credit: ATT 19

Pure Imagination is a beautiful collection of artworks produced by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Na Kittikoon Foundation. This collaboration with Jim Thompson and ATT 19 sheds lights on the everyday-life of people with ASD and aims to change the social stigma towards their capabilities. The exhibition is comprised of the original artworks of 24 students who have worked on the project over the past two years.

‘Pure Imagination’ is on show at ATT 19 until April 30, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Echoes of the Past: An Exhibition of Antique Pianos and Persian Carpets’

Image credit: River City Bangkok

Here is the first public exhibition of Kacha, an antique store with two galleries inside River City Bangkok. Six of the very exclusive pianos, each of which are over a century old, are presented along with 14 hand-woven Persian carpets from the famous collector Viktor Bollinger. These priceless works of art include the Custom Painted Marionette Mini-Grand Piano made in 1929, the Victorian-era Steinway & Sons Rococo Grand Piano, and more. The piano performances by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eri Nakagawa and her students will take place every Saturday throughout the exhibition timespan.

‘Echoes of the Past: An Exhibition of Antique Pianos and Persian Carpets’ is on show at RCB Artery, River City Bangkok until April 23, 2023. Find out more via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this March 2023

‘Take Your Time’ by Suntur

Image credit: River City Bangkok

The renowned artist Suntur works in collaboration with Trendy Gallery in this solo exhibition that marks his 33-year life journey. The exhibitions include 33 paintings that encompass his 33 years of memories in which he has “circled the sun 33 times.” With the horizon line as the main component and the bright colours as the tools, this sentimental exhibition by Suntur requires audiences to take their time to absorb at their own pace.

Take Your Time is on show at RCB Galleria, River City Bangkok until April 23, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Fly Away’ by Greg Bogin

Image credit: Over the Influence

Famous for painting on a customised canvas, the New York artist Greg Bogin is having his first exhibition in Southeast Asia, ‘Fly Away.’ As a love letter to his wife, the artist created his masterpieces after a visit to Kauai, Hawaii. The brightly coloured artworks transfer a sense of joy and optimism as if to uplift and fly away but all the while still lingering close to the ground.

‘Fly Away’ is on show at Over the Influence gallery until May 7, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘AfterTaste’ by PaKa

Image credit: PaKa

AfterTaste, the solo exhibition from PaKa, deals with the lingering feelings that stay from reinterpreting old experiences through our own lens at the present age. Anchan, or the butterfly pea flower character, is in fact the artist’s self-portrait who narrates the story by using different foods as her vehicle. If that doesn’t feel tangible enough, the food installation art is also one of the highlights that interprets food menus in a unique way. Overall, a very thought-provoking exhibit.

AfterTaste is on show at Baan Trok Tua Ngork until March 26, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Flower & Cosmos: The Universe Within’ by Sakul Intakul

Image credit: La Lanta Fine Art

In this exhibition that concludes the three-year journey of Sakul Intakul as a floral artist, large-scale hanging wood sculptures, paintings, metal sculptures, sound installation, and more, are generously displayed throughout the whole space. The artist takes on the analogy of the traditional Thai floral net, takhai dokmai, and the connectivity of all materials in the universe.

Flower & Cosmos: The Universe Within is on show at La Lanta Fine Art until March 25, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Waiting Room Live’ by JPBS with DuckUnit

Image credit: Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Waiting Room is a cross-disciplinary art project by post-rock band JPBS’s guitarist, Jay Vatanakuljaras. In this work with scenographer DuckUnit, the 75-minute performance will see a rearrangement of JPBS’s new album divided into three acts: Below, Here and Above. Apart from a experimental sonic performance, the project also includes storytelling and design works.

Waiting Room Live is on show at Bangkok CityCity Gallery on March 18, 2023 during 5pm-6.15pm. Tickets are priced at THB700. Find out more via the website.

‘The Comet and The Nostalgic Souls’ by Supawich Weesapen

Image credit: Nova Contemporary

Fully immersed in an intergalactic world, ‘The Comet and The Nostalgic Souls’ illuminates Nova Contemporary art gallery with unbelievably incandescent paintings. The exhibition is inspired by the astronomical world and was completed in the beginning of 2023, when the jewel comet came the closest to earth in 50,000 years. It almost feels like a different dimension where time works differently in this transformed space.

‘The Comet and The Nostalgic Souls’ is on show at Nova Contemporary until April 8, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Treasure of the Blossom’ by SOE SOE

Image credit: Central: The Original Store

Having exhibited his works from Singapore to Washington D.C., Myanmar-born artist SOE SOE is well-known for playing with textures using unusual techniques. The “Treasure of Blossom” presents the beautiful rice fields of Myanmar’s Northern Shan’s State with rich hues and bright colours. The uniqueness of each displayed work make SOE SOE many collector’s favourite, and he’ll be here for one month only.

‘Treasure of the Blossom’ is on show at Central: The Original Store until April 16, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Thaï Love’ by JonOne

Image credit: Rosewood Bangkok

It’s as raw and uncut as you might expect from graffiti art. Graffiti artist JonOne started his tagging journey since the 1980s in New York, and has been making a name for himself using art since then. Having toured worldwide in famous cities referenced by Pitbull, he’s now in Bangkok to share his amazing graffiti work inspired by Bangkok. It’s showing at the Rosewood Bangkok for three months only.

‘Thaï Love’ is on display at Rosewood Bangkok until June 16, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘The Collector’ by Pavisa Meesrenon

Image credit: ARRA Gallery/Facebook

Artist Pavisa mixes her inspirations from her spiritual traditions with creative flourishes she saw in her dreams. Her media is a blend of different layers of gloss, along with matte print with dot drawing. Those painted figures are then whipped up to shape using embroidery. Pavisa aims to be very personal with her works, thinking that the act of painting is how she can highlight problems normally swept under the rug by society.

‘The Collector’ is on show at 1st floor, Gaysorn Center until April 9, 2023. Find out more via the website.

Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this February 2023

‘Cosmic Vibration’ by Nicolas Panayotou

Image credit: Rosewood Bangkok

The Rosewood Bangkok’s quarterly exhibition spotlights kinetic art from one of the very few kinetic artists in the world, Nicolas Panayotou. The French-Greek artist takes four equilateral triangles inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and plays with colour gradients. Resulting in kaleidoscopic spaces with the illusion of movement, the artwork suggests a connection to the past and the future, as well as the outside world and the hidden interiority.

‘Cosmic Vibration’ is on show at Rosewood Bangkok until March 14, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Deep in Mind Sea’ by Mackcha

art february
Image credit: River City Bangkok

Follow Charlotte into the deepest corners of her mind. The character, who represents the artist Mackcha or Chararat Saraaporn, has an overwhelming feeling of happiness and sadness, all of which is buried so deep in the sea that even light cannot reach. In her little private world, however, Mackcha is ready to shed the light for whoever comes down and explores her mind.

‘Deep in Mind Sea’ is on show at River City Bangkok until February 28, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘The Endless Swimming Pool’ by Phannapast Taychamaythakool

art february
Image credit: River City Bangkok

Yoon Phannapast’s second collaboration with River City Bangkok features a collection of new paintings and sculptures that are deconstructed from her time in dreams and reality, past and present. Swimming in an endless pool of everything-in-between currents, she reflects on all her curiosity and discoveries through her artworks, inviting visitors to plunge into the infinite pool with her.

‘The Endless Swimming Pool’ is on show at River City Bangkok until March 19, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Inside Manga Bubbles’ by Eri Imamura

art february
Image credit: courtesy of the artist

Eri Imamura brings back her life-sized human torso sculptures in this exhibition curated by Rémy Jarry. This time, the artist explores the lines between Manga and reality, which get blurred in the time of the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the artist, the pandemic forced us into virtual bubbles that resemble the way Manga and other science fictions are narrated, with metaverse bubbles as an alternative. This 2.5 dimensional existence of mankind is presented in the form of fibre art, using Native American beading, Japanese weaving, and dying techniques.

‘Inside Manga Bubbles’ is on show at Warin Lab Contemporary until March 18, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Infinite Ride’ by Inson Wongsam

art february
Image credit: 333Gallery

Thailand’s National Artist of the year 1999, Inson Wangsam at 88 years old still gets up to create art everyday. This exhibition is a beautiful compilation of his lifelong artworks that still continue at this very moment, in order to inspire and encourage new generation artists to stay consistent with their own paths, and to never be afraid of changes.

‘Infinite Ride’ is on show at 333Gallery/Warehouse 30 until February 28, 2023. Find out more via the website.

4 Art Exhibitions to Check Out in Bangkok this January 2023

‘POORBOYLIFE’ by Kasemwit Chaweewat

Image credit: River City Bangkok

Through the white fluffy creature and its amiable friends from the forest, Kasemwit Chaweewat tells the story of his life in the form of paintings and sculptures. Visitors are exposed to Kasemwit’s hybrid art that always possesses a hint of street art feels, portraying all the influences that have shaped his personality until present day.

POORBOYLIFE is on show at RCB Galleria 1, River City Bangkok until January 31, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘What Makes A Mountain’ by Yeoh Choo Kuan and ‘Another Day’ by Zac Lee

Image credit: Richard Koh Fine Art

RKFA Double Bill is hosting two exhibitions from two Malaysian artists this month. In ‘What Makes a Mountain,’ Yeoh Choo Kuan creates his own mountains through his signature paint streaming technique that mimics water movement. Over in ‘Another Day,’ the artist Zac Lee emphasises the beauty in routines, as simple as picking up a book or sketching a picture, using sombre hues.

Both exhibitions are on show at Richard Koh Fine Art in from January 7-19, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Dragonerpanzer’ by Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch

Image credit: MOCA Bangkok

Through a collaboration between Boo_X and curator Nim Niyomsin, Dragonerpanzer is an ongoing series of art that portrays the glory, desire and the power structure by Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch. After the exposure to the Dresden porcelain collection at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden museum in Germany, the artist took what was left of the Dragonervasen, or the Dragoon vases, and created a life-size tank adorned with Chinese porcelain patterns. Symbolising a significant moment in time, the tank also reflects the attempt for power and status, from centuries ago until now.

The Dragonerpanzer is on show at MOCA Bangkok until February 5, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘The Renaissance Woman’ by Saverio Lucci

Image credit: Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

The elegant lobby of the Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok will set the backdrop for the prolific contemporary artist and designer Saverio Lucci’s exhibition. Born in Italy and based in Bangkok, Lucci merges European and Italian traditions with Japanese dreamlike influences into the 18 paintings showcased. Under the concept of ‘The Renaissance Woman,’ the artist contemplates beauty, emotions, soul, sentiments, and the nuances in a human’s life.

‘The Renaissance Woman’ is on show at Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok’s lobby and Mondo until February 20, 2023. Find out more via the website.

This story first appeared on Prestige Online Thailand, and has been updated for content. 

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