June 2020: what a month.

We feel as if we can breathe again, post eight weeks of a partial lockdown and from behind a custom-made silk face mask.

Restaurants, malls, and soon bars(!) are reopening slowly but surely, bringing back a sense of (new) normalcy into our lives. Whilst of course, the big ‘rona has still not been eliminated and it still very much roams the streets, we’re happy to be back out in the real world — even if it means we have to be extra, extra, cautious.

But we always loved being extra.

Stories you loved this month were very much in tune with this, what with staycation inspiration and Thai beach vacation stories topping the list for June. You sought out the best boutique hotels a few hours away from Bangkok, always looking out for the sweetest deals and the most ‘grammable locations. Beyond travel, as always, dining in and out was another hot topic, between durian season (love it or hate it) and summer sweet tooth cravings. It’s nice to see you’re still Netflix & Chilling to maintain that social distance, and there was much excitement over the upcoming drive-in cinema.

A drive- and run-thru of some of our most popular stories this month, we’ve put it all together here in one raving recap. In order of popularity (and exempting our monthly columns), relive some of the best exclusives we’ve covered this June, and consider yourself debriefed and dapper to dive right into July.

[Hero Image Credit: ‘Bad Genius’ via Netflix; Featured Image Credit: The Barai]

Image Credit: 137 Pillars Suites & Residences

The best staycation and hotel reopening deals in Bangkok right now

16 June 2020

“Many hotels are offering staycation deals while we wait for the airport to open again for international flights, and many are doing so with plenty of benefits to enjoy. Between early check-ins and food and drink credit, it’s a very unique time to take advantage of some very unique perks. That too, from a selection of really great hotels.” 

Image Credit: ‘Bad Genius’ via Netflix

6 Asian films on Netflix to watch this weekend

12 June 2020

“Asian films have exploded in popularity the past couple of months, especially after Parasite’s historic win at the Oscars in February this year. So don’t let the language be an obstacle to explore Asian films — just like what Bong Joon Ho, director of Parasite, said during his acceptance speech, “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.””

Image Credit: The Barai

5 boutique hotels in Hua Hin for your next escape from the city

3 June 2020

“Beyond being the more elegant alternative to a wild weekend in Pattaya, Hua Hin has awakened as a destination in its own right. Here, we’ve put together a list of our favourite boutique hotels of the minute, with a little something for every kind of traveller. Be you a beachside bum or a design-loving ‘grammer, consider this your next best excuse for your next best escape.”

Image Credit: Matthew T Rader/Unsplash

The top 5 destinations for Thai travellers at the moment, according to Airbnb

15 June 2020

“As travel planning starts to stir, Airbnb dropped some hints on future trip plannings, analysed by guest search and wish lists. From private villa sanctuaries to poolside breakfasts, here are the top trends that we’ve spotted for local Thai travellers, with a big spotlight on domestic destinations that are 2-3 hour drive distances from Bangkok with proximity to the coast.”

Image Credit: Cafe Kitsune Paris via Facebook

Café Kitsuné comes to Bangkok

22 June 2020

“Whilst formerly only Maison Kitsuné clothing items were available in Bangkok, we’re excited to welcome the coffeeshop spin-off too. Not many details have been revealed just yet, but if the other branches are anything to go by, there’s definitely going to be a lit playlist in store, as well as the signature fox biscuits. Why? ‘Kitsuné’ translates to ‘fox’ from Japanese. The more you know. See you at the cafe.”

Image Credit: ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ via Netflix

For travel-hungry foodies, ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is your saviour

15 June 2020

“With Netflix streaming food and travel shows, they make being confined at home nearly possible as a way to satisfy your travel craving. Our current obsessed show, Somebody Feed Phil, is the ultimate antidote to boredom and travel — but not home — sickness.”

Image Credit: After You

Hands down, the best durian products to order and eat now

1 June 2020

“This piece will be an ode to the durian and nothing but the durian. Its season is here and so restaurants and retailers are going full speed, taking advantage of the durian season by producing an array of mouth-watering products using the sun-shade buttery fruit. Even Instagram users also temporarily turned themselves into durian dealers, sending the golden fruit straight from farm to fork. So if you’re diners who are currently seeking for the best durian and durian-spiked products to purchase, here’s a selection of things you should add in to your next must-try list.”

Image Credit: Sara Cervera/Unsplash

Thirsty Thursday: 5 milkshakes we tried and often still dream about

4 June 2020

“Granted, many were quick to call out milkshakes at regular fast food joints or even that malty chocolate floaty thing at Starbucks and Kamu, so consider this list a bit of a special one. These are standout milkshakes. We still meet them in our foodie fantasies. We still slurp them when we’re sleepy. And if your dreams too are made of these, read right on.”

Image Credit: Cheval Blanc

Social Distancing on vacation: 7 secluded spots for a private getaway

18 June 2020

“It’s the kind of holiday where you don’t have to see anyone except for bae or your friends, and the kind of holiday where you can feel one with nature, your private amenities, or the echo of your own voice inside a sprawling seaside mansion. All located just a few flight hours away (with three inner-Thailand options, too), you know where to find us (but not really find us) next.”

Image Credit: OMEGA

A guide to looking after your luxury watches so they will last generations

4 June 2020

“Whilst reliability and accuracy can be expected from your luxury watch, your trusty companion can only tolerate so much wear and tear before it displays symptoms of fatigue. It is a natural result of any machinery that operates with friction, so giving your luxury watch the right care can make all the difference between it lasting a couple of years or surpassing generations. From sunlight to water resistance windings, here’s a handy guide to looking after your luxury watches so they will last.”

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