Between the drizzling beginnings of the rain season and a colourful celebration of Pride, World Ocean Day, and a boggle-your-brain smack-your-gob reminder that we are already somewhat halfway through the year, let’s just call it right here, right now: June has been quite a month.

It’s the start of summer holiday season for a lot of the Western world, the host month for the annual World’s 50 Best Restaurants announcement, and the glide into many a men’s fashion week. And yet whilst we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the trend and report these to you on a lively stream of stories, it is often times understandably difficult for the buzzing busy bee to keep up with every hot feature. But that’s exactly why we’ve created this round-up.

Whether you’re an avid reader seeking a monthly ‘Best Of’ reel, or an insider looking to get the low-down on our most popular stories, we’ve put it all together here in one raving recap. In order of popularity, relive some of the best exclusives we’ve covered this June, and consider yourself debriefed and dapper to dive into July.

Featured image credit: Instagram; Hero image credit: Tropic City/Sebastian de la Cruz

Most Popular Stories June: Fries
Image Credit: Unsplash/Dan Gold
Best places to get French fries in Bangkok

13 June 2019

“Yes, V8 Diner is known for diner food like burgers, apple pie and milkshakes. But having tried their food several times, I recommend you stopping there for nothing (trust me) except for their Seasoned Curly Fries (THB 119). And believe you me, when they say seasoned, they mean seasoned. The spiral-shaped cuts of potato are deep-fried until golden before getting hit with a tornado of spices and served with acidic sour cream to balance out the greasiness from the oil. With the full-on diner setting – think red booths, a bar with high stools, a heavy use of red and white palettes, neon signs and a wall projector screen showing American classic movies –it elevates my French fries experience to new heights.”

Sebastian de la Cruz
Image Credit: Tropic City/Sebastian de la Cruz
27 Questions with Sebastian de la Cruz, co-founder of Tropic City

7 June 2019

“Sebastian de la Cruz is a good example of how the best ideas sometimes come after a drink or two. This month, we asked our 27 Questions to the man who turned one casual drinks night with a friend into a business venture – and a seriously successful one at that. Tropic City is now one of Bangkok’s most popular go-tos for those “casual drinks nights”. With a regular crowd of all-sorts from artists and filmmakers to fashion models, Sebastian’s bar is a hotspot for all creatures hip, cool, and creative. Oh, and it’s also been awarded a place on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list for 2019.”

Pad Thai
Image Credit: Baan Pad Thai
Best places to get pad thai in Bangkok

27 June 2019

“Run by Somneuk “Parn” Klangnok, a renowned Thai cartoon illustrator, Chubby Papaya is an all-in-one cafe, art gallery and Isaan-style eatery, serving som tam, Isaan-style curry, Thai chilli relish and more. And as much as our style writer likes to go there to appreciate art hanging throughout the outlet’s walls, she also loves to spend her time wisely and have a meal there at the same time. Her go-to dish there is the Shrimp Pad Thai (THB 125) which has a subtle crunch from the semi-cooked mung beans and roasted peanuts as well as a wonderful creaminess from the tamarind sauce-laden noodles. For art lovers slash foodies, this one is a sure win.”

Chi Hair Salon
Image Credit: Chi Hair Salon
The best hair salon in Bangkok for personalised haircare (and a heavenly head spa)

5 June 2019

“Talking to Chi is like talking to a psychic. Just by looking at you and a glass ball (okay, a glass mirror), the graduate from Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles somehow seems to know all your lifelong private concerns about your hair. He may have the help of that nifty wifi-microscope he whipped out of nowhere to analyse your hair and scalp condition, but it’s the man who knows exactly what you want and what those strands need. His hair salon is one of the only personalised hair salons in Bangkok.”

Soneva Kiri
Image Credit: Soneva Kiri
Checking in: Soneva Kiri Koh Kood

21 June 2019

“Soneva Kiri, a luxury jungle-meets-beach resort in the south of Thailand definitely has a bit of a Maldives vibe, which is cool for Bangkokians who don’t want to journey too far from home. The Robinson Crusoe-themed and rustic resort was born in 2009 and follows in the footsteps of its sisters in the Maldives – Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani – when it comes to being eco-conscious. Not only is the resort itself invested in following eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives to keep it running while also bettering its surrounding environment, but it also does a pretty good job in activating an awareness of sustainable living amongst its guests, which is so important. After all, travelling isn’t just about getting away; it’s about growing, learning more, bettering ourselves and the environment around us.”

Most Popular Stories June: Pies
Image Credit: Unsplash/Hugo Aitken
Sweet Eats: 5 must-try pie places in Bangkok

15 June 2019

“Who said you can’t indulge through Instagram? Bake A Cake by Vathanya makes it possible by selling delicious treats through the app and sprinkling delicious feeds all over her account. A true guru in tarts (pie-like mini desserts), any pie eater who finds it hard to pick apple pie over chocolate or pecan over a key lime pie, Bake A Cake should be your next move. The brand offers various pie flavours, spanning seasonal fruit, cherry, almond, chocolate cream and lemon meringue. So mix and match different flavours to create the pie box of your liking.”

Most Popular Stories June: Bill Bensley
Image Credit: Bill Bensley
27 Questions: Bill Bensley, Asia’s wildest and wackiest luxury hotel designer

21 June 2019

“Millennials dig his work for utter Instagramability, whilst those with a fine eye for design will appreciate the smaller details, the bigger and bolder statements, and the incredible sense of story and underlying message of natural conservationism. Bill’s design philosophy is very much one of respect for mother nature, as well as a spelling of the ‘wow’ factor in full caps lock. On creation, he notes, “designing a hotel is akin to producing a Hollywood movie… they both need a strong, compelling storyline. The best movies and the best hotels can be experienced many times, and both are fated by opening night.””

Most Popular Stories June: Marc Jacobs
Image Credit: Marc Jacobs
The new Marc Jacobs flagship store in Bangkok is officially open

15 June 2019

“There are several reasons why this is a particularly special opening. Not only is it the first for Marc Jacobs in Bangkok, but it’s also the brand’s first flagship store in all of South-East Asia. It’s been several years since Thailand saw the boutique for Marc Jacob’s earlier namesake brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Now, it’s the first time that Thailand has ever had a stand-alone store for the newer Marc Jacobs label.”

Most Popular Stories June: World's 50 Best Restaurants
Image Credit: World’s 50 Best
World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019: Bangkok is (still) home to Asia’s best restaurant

26 June 2019

“The highly coveted World’s 50 Best Restaurants list was announced and celebrated at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore last night, and suffice to say, Bangkokians can still call their city the home of the best restaurant in all of Asia, and amongst the Top 5 in the world.

But we kind of already suspected that.

What’s interesting about this year’s unveiling of the list is the newly announced judging system, as well as a few surprising jumps and new entries, combined with a fresh focus on gender equality and a spotlight on newer restaurants.”

Most Popular Stories June: Vintage watches
Image Credit: Dan Henry Vintage Watches
What is a tropical dial and why is it so madly valuable?

16 June 2019

“What’s more, GQ recently cited a sweet tale that accompanies the romance of the tropical dial, likely driving its collector value to even greater heights. The story follows a British couple who celebrated their 25th year of marriage in 1975. To commemorate the occasion, the wife went to a local jewellery store to purchase a Rolex Daytona for her husband at a price tag of £135 (it was the 1970s, lest we forget). For the following forty years, the man lovingly wore the watch almost every day, which naturally caused a little wear and tear. The pure-black dial of the Daytona slowly began to lose its original tone and hue, fading into a chocolate-brown colour. In modern millennial speak: it got tropical.

Fast forward to March 2018, and said anniversary watch was put up for auction at Sotheby’s, where it sold for an absolutely jaw-dropping $947,776. Let’s call it the horological equivalent of a very cool mic drop.”

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