As we fully immerse ourselves into the drenches of the rain season, and battle the hot and humid weather in between new restaurant openings, collection launches, and artsy exhibitions a-plenty, let’s just call it right here, right now: August has been quite a month.

We had a string of beautiful long weekends in August, Gaggan and Wet officially closed their doors, and International Beer Day caught up with the best of us. A series of snazzy style collaborations made their way onto our wish lists, and as always, quirky bites reigned supreme on our ‘grams. Yet whilst we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the trends and report these to you on a lively stream of stories, it is often times understandably difficult for the buzzing busy bee to keep up with every hot feature. But that’s exactly why we’ve created this round-up.

Whether you’re an avid reader seeking a monthly ‘Best Of’ reel, or an insider looking to get the low-down on our most popular stories, we’ve put it all together here in one raving recap. In order of popularity (and exempting our monthly regular columns), relive some of the best exclusives we’ve covered this August, and consider yourself debriefed and dapper to dive into September.

Hero image credit: Phum Baitang; Featured image credit: Unsplash/Mae Mu

Most Popular Stories August: Jaspal

Jasper x Orla Kiely: the London designer on bringing her iconic prints to Bangkok

16 August 2019

“When we asked Orla Kiely to name her favourite piece in the collection, her bright eyes widened. She first headed towards a chic rose pink shirt dress with light green leaf prints and a waist tie. It looks like the perfect garment for a designer at work, being both professional and artsy. Then she picked up an adorable jumpsuit in the same print, with a wide leg and shoulder straps for a cute girl-next-door look. And then after that, Kiely then hurried to pick up this small tote bag, featuring the one and only Lola.”

Most Popular Stories August: Phum Baitang

Checking in: Phum Baitang, where a rice paddy field meets a luxury resort on stilts

21 August 2019

“In many ways, Phum Baitang feels like the kind of place that tilts its head at you when you’re stressed with the city’s ticking hot hustle, and says, “we’ll take it from here.” It’s a Sunday newspaper that was picked up off the coffee table, folded in half, and tucked under the arm of a loved one. Simple sophistication meets an experience that is wholly comforting, culturally charming, and soulfully enriching.

Where ‘wake up and smell the roses’ has long become lacklustre and lost in the cut-throat competitive hospitality world, we’re going to be bold and blunt and put it this way: it’s time to wake up and smell the buffalos.”

Image Credit: Unsplash/Mae Mu
Must-tries: Am Dang Typhoon, a place for seriously good Thai-Cantonese dishes

14 August 2019

““Am Dang”, which is equivalent to a ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’ title for Thai women in the past, represents the restaurant’s focus on Thai comfort food that has either been long lost or rarely seen in most Thai restaurants. Think, old-school dishes your grandma used to whip up on family’s holidays.”

popular stories August
Image Credit: Unsplash/Alisa Anton
Editors’ Picks: where to find the best carrot cake in Bangkok

27 August 2019

“When thinking of a bakery that delivers utmost comfort, Holey Artisan Bakery always tops my baked goods-obsessed list. And not only does Holey know how to make a mean baguette, brioche, croissant, white- and whole-grain loaves, the bread-focused haunt also makes a great selection of drool-inducing desserts like doughnuts and cookies. One of my usuals here is the dramatic, three-layer carrot cake that always drives my inner sweet geek crazy with its fluffy lusciousness.”

5 best boutiques for eyelash extensions in Bangkok

14 August 2019

“Anyone can feel lazy when it comes to getting ready in the morning. We all wish we could get out of bed and already look made up and good to go. But chances are, this morning, you did not wake up like this. So when we were first introduced to eyelash extensions in Bangkok, it seemed to be the answer to so many of our problems. Full, thick, long lashes every single day without a touch of mascara? That’s the dream.”

popular stories August: SARRAN

How SARRAN jewellery connects art, female strength, and natural beauty

21 August 2019

“Sarran jewellery is about showing how strength, toughness, and individuality can also show itself in a feminine and elegant way. And I think that’s an essential part of the modern perception of women. So, even though we’re associated with traditional flowers and heritage styles, I think Sarran jewellery has really always been for the modern woman.”

Must-tries: IVY 47 serves up seriously delicious modern French fare

23 August 2019

“Part restaurant, part bar, IVY 47 is situated within the residential street of Sukhumvit Soi 47, and serves up a range of drool-inducing dishes and drinks kissed with French cuisine charm. Helmed by Head Chef Francois Lecouvez, the former chef of Le Café 1912 (a restaurant within the Alliance Francaise, no less), each dish is injected with the French native’s culinary creativeness and fine taste.”

Kad KoKoa: the story of how a Bangkok chocolatier brought Thai cocoa to the world

28 August 2019

“It’s an exciting time to be a chocolate lover in the city right now, with plenty to be proud of as a Bangkokian, a Thai, or a die-hard chocolate lover. Driven by an utterly inspiring couple with a mission to innovate and celebrate local cocoa beans, Paniti and Nuttaya are at the reigns of a new era for the sweet treat. Infusing their products with anything from jasmine and Thai tea to coconut and shiso, there’s something for everyone to fall a little bit in love for. Cocoa? From Thailand? Groundbreaking — and utterly delicious.”

5 truffle products that will change the way you look at truffle (and where to find them)

26 August 2019

“Truffle aficionados: here’s an ode to the delicious diamond of the culinary world. Much-loved among chefs for their musky aroma, flavours, and, of course, their scarcity, truffle – white or black – is also widely a foodie’s favourite.”

Bulgari partners with Alexander Wang for an exclusive Serpenti collection

24 August

“’Tis the season of artistic collaborations between some of the most renowned names in the fashion industry. So when Bulgari asked Alexander Wang to create a unique offering for their ongoing ‘Serpenti Through The Eyes Of’ capsule series, we knew something very special was in store. Enter a collection of gorgeous, limited edition handbags, appropriately tilted ‘Serpenti Through the Eyes of Alexander Wang’.”

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