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10 video game and anime songs we’ve heard from Tokyo 2020

Gamers and anime fans are sure to get excited about this particular Olympics event.

The excitement from watching Tokyo 2020 doesn’t only come from the fashion and the competition itself. Besides the opening ceremony, a handful of theme songs from various Japanese video games and animes have been played at various competition venues. And until the last day on August 8, we anticipate more theme songs to be played throughout the event. Now that the Olympics is halfway through, we’ve curated the list of theme songs that we’ve heard so far.

[Hero Image Credit: Slam Dunk; Featured Image Credit: Naruto]


Naruto needs no introduction. If anything, Tokyo 2020 is missing out if Naruto‘s theme song is not included, and we all finally got to hear Blue Bird during the opening ceremony. Naruto brings back fond childhood memories for many of us around the world.

[Image Credit: Naruto]

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Attack on Titan has been the talk among anime fans across the globe, and the theme song Guren No Yumiya is put on replay at the archery competition venue. This dark fantasy anime revolves around the protagonist Eren’s journey to avenging his mother’s death at the hands of the Titans, a race of human-eating giants.

[Image Credit: Attack on Titan]

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Slam Dunk‘s theme song Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai has added a huge excitement to the atmosphere during the basketball games. With a few adaptations, this long-running sports anime tells the story of a high school student who joins the basketball team at the suggestion of the girl that he has a crush on. Although he realizes later that his bitter rival is the girl’s crush, he discovers the hidden love that he has for basketball. Also, his skills have led the team to become one of Japan’s all-star contenders.

[Image Credit: Slam Dunk]

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There is no reason why the opening ceremony wouldn’t be playing the theme song ‘Victory Fanfare’ from Final Fantasy. Released in 1987, this video game never stops impressing the players with its visual details and story. It’s still very popular on Twitch, and recently the digital copies of Final Fantasy XIV have been sold out due to an upsurge in popularity.

[Image Credit: Final Fantasy]

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Demon Slayer‘s theme song Demon Slaying Corps is what keeps the fun in the air for all the gymnasts when Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno performed her floor routine. Demon Slayer takes place during the Taisho period when a family is killed by the evil demons and only Tanjiro and his sister survived. However, his sister is gradually turning into a demon, so he vows to become a demon slayer to take revenge for his family and find a cure for his sister. 

[Image Credit: Demon Slayer]

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Overture – Roto’s Theme is what we also heard during the opening ceremony. It’s the theme song from Dragon Request, a franchise of a Japanese video game with numerous remakes released by Nintendo. Forbes’ has named Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition as one of the top 10 Japanese games of 2020 as well.

[Image Credit: Square Enix]

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The athletes can loosen up their pressure and stress at the gymnastics competition venue thanks to the anime theme song Cry Baby from Tokyo Revengers. It’s a relatively new anime about a middle-aged man who is going through the lowest point in life and learns that his ex-girlfriend has been murdered by a vicious gang. He then travels back in time to join the gang and climbs up through the ranks to rewrite the future of the love of his life.

[Image Credit: Tokyo Revengers]

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The theme song Kugutsuuta from Ghost in the Shell has brought joy to many at the judo arena. This sci-fi anime explores the cyberpunk theme and time-travels to 2029. A team from the Public Security Section 9 is tasked on a mission to track down the Puppet Master, a mysterious enemy who threatens to wipe out all the technological advancements in Japan.

[Image Credit: Ghost in the Shell]

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It’s been quite a surprise for all the volleyball fans around the world to hear the theme song Imagination from Haikyuu. This well-known anime follows the journey of an ambitious middle school student who quickly develops an obsession for volleyball after watching a tournament on TV. Nicknamed as the small giant, he has to overcome various challenges along the way to achieve his dream of becoming the ultimate volleyball star.

[Image Credit: Haikyuu]

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Monster Hunter is another nostalgic show for many, and its theme song Proof of a Hero was used to welcome athletes during the opening ceremony. This video game was released in 2004 and was previously for Playstation 2. Recently, Apple announced that the Monster Hunter RPG game will be available on Apple Arcade.

[Image Credit: Monster Hunter]

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