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15 thoughts we have while driving in Bangkok

“Driving in Bangkok is driving me crazy.”

Driving in Bangkok is stressful, to say the least. The traffic, the bikes, the sois – the list goes on and on (just like Bangkok traffic). If you’ve mastered driving in Bangkok, it goes without saying that you’ll survive driving pretty much anywhere. Yes, probably even India. Frankly speaking, no one really adheres to ALL the driving rules in Bangkok. In fact, we’ve come up with our very own unspoken rules. It’s no doubt that driving in Bangkok can be thrilling, but driving in Bangkok traffic? Not so much. 

Once your foot is on the gas and your eyes are on the road, it’s Survival of the Fittest. If you’re new to the Bangkok driving scene – welcome, we’re sorry, and good luck. As for those who are more or less veterans when it comes to driving in Bangkok, well done for making it this far. 

Here are 15 thoughts we have while driving in Bangkok

  1. Yikes. Bikes. 
  2. Parking costs a fortune in Bangkok. Paying for parking is like paying for breathing. Ridiculous.
  3. Oh no, I’m in the wrong lane. Oh well, good thing it’s Bangkok. 
  4. Which path should I take? The safe-but-sorry-and-endless traffic Sukhumvit or the no-traffic-but-no-idea-where-this-leads to soi? 
  5. Driving in Bangkok introduces a new level of road rage.
  6. Driving in Bangkok introduces a new level of patience.
  7. Yikes. Bikes everywhere.
  8. Where are the numbers on this traffic light? Is it going to be red for 13 seconds? or 141 seconds? Come on, we need to know.
  9. Drive away from the buses. Drive away from the buses.
  10. I don’t care what anyone says. Sitting through Sukhumvit traffic during rush hour is a skill.
  11. Why, oh why do people not activate their turning signal when making a turn?
  12. Who’s honking and who are they honking at? Oh no, is it me?
  13. Google Maps needs to make up its mind.   
  14. Never driving in Bangkok on a Friday evening. No, thank you.
  15. Driving in Bangkok is driving me crazy. 

[Hero and featured image credit: Suzukii Xingfu/Pexels]

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