“Oh boy, they’re showing Michael the iPad again…”

You didn’t have to be a diehard basketball fan to get completed sucked into The Last Dance on Netflix.

And even if you were — there was a lot to learn about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, be it about team spirit, competition, or dyeing your hair.

The show that is based around the life and times of basketball sensation Michael Jordan — and more specifically, ‘the last dance’ as they won their sixth NBA championship in the 1997-1998 season — has caused much furore amongst staying-at-home sports lovers and couch potatoes alike.

Watching alongside a serious basketball fan (were you the type that called out every player and coach they recognised? Please discuss), we definitely marked Mondays on our calendars to watch new episodes of the show every week. But we also had a lot of questions.

Noted verbatim as far as we could, read ahead for 23 thoughts (not a coincidence, wink wink) we had while watching Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and more take to the court and the screens this past month.

[Featured and Hero image via Netflix, all other images: NBA via Facebook]

Image Credit: NBA via Facebook

1. How can I get my voice to be as soothing as Scottie Pippen’s?

2. This Jerry Krause guy though…

3. *Secretly anticipating someone to trash talk Michael so he shows them who’s boss in the next game*

4. Hi Obama!

5. I didn’t know you could do that with hair.

6. I want to be on that private jet so badly

7. Why am I tearing up every time Michael tears up?

8. How can I party as hard as Dennis Rodman and still contribute to my job with 110% like Dennis Rodman?

9. Oh man, Kobe. </3

10. Wait, how many ads exactly has Michael Jordan starred in? (High Snobiety made a list, in case you’re curious)

Michael Jordan The Last Dance Netflix
Image Credit: NBA via Facebook

11. D-Rod. What a great nickname.

12. Basketball AND baseball? The man is unreal.

13. Imagine being a cigar during this period of time.

14. Michael Jordan wearing dress shoes is making me slightly uncomfortable

15. Did Reggie Miller really just call him “Black Jesus”?

16. So. Much. Drama.

17. Steve Kerr has a great sense of humour.

18. Oh boy, they’re showing Michael the iPad again…

Image Credit: NBA via Facebook

19. I can’t tell whether his teammates love or loathe him.

20. Never mind, I can tell.

21. I am so emotional right now.

22. Maybe I should start working out again

23. Or maybe I should start playing cards.

Image Credit: NBA via Facebook

Agree? Disagree? Want to watch the show all over again? Find The Last Dance on Netflix.

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