“Orchids are part of my process.”

What did you do this weekend? If you’re anything like us, your eyes were glued to the screen to watch Halston. Following the life of Roy Halston Frowick, the creator of eponymous luxury American fashion label Halston, Netflix unveiled the mini-series last Friday, just in time for weekend binge-watching.

The show follows the humble rise and sad fall of the designer, through adventures that cover former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the beginnings of Elsa Peretti’s career at Tiffany’s, a close friendship with Liza Minnelli, scandalous nights at Studio 54, and the dangerous excesses of success. The designer is played by Ewan McGregor (!) which is enough reason alone to watch the show. Currently, reviews are mixed, but we conclude that it’s a fun show to watch maybe just once, maybe during lockdown, maybe if you just want to time travel the ’70s and ’80s.

Here are 29 thoughts we had while watching ‘Halston’ this weekend. There are no real spoilers here if you haven’t watched the show, though this is definitely more relatable if you have.

[All images courtesy of Halston via Facebook]

‘Halston’ on Netflix (Image Credit: Netflix)

1. I guess orchids are a necessary expense.

2. Elsa Peretti (actress Rebecca Dayan) does make everything look good

3. Who knew Ralph Lauren is actually Ralph Lifshitz?

4. Gosh, I need to bring out my kaftans again.

5. I will never mispronounce ‘Liza’ again

6. Who isn’t smoking?

7. This is given me new respect for Balenciaga

8. Of course he loves Marie Antoinette.

Halston in his signature sunglasses (Image Credit: Halston)

9. Casual change of sunglasses, no big deal.

10. Maybe I will buy some black turtlenecks after this

11. I can’t tell whether I love or hate this new apartment

12. I can’t tell whether I love or hate that they’re eating hamburgers for dinner in this new apartment

The Halston jumpsuit (Image Credit: Halston)

13. I’d love to wear that ultrasuede number to work

14. Wow, that’s a lot of powder sugar

15. Studio 54 looks lit.

16. Why would you do that to the coat?

Rebecca Dayan as Elsa Peretti (Image Credit: Halston/Facebook)

17. Wow, Victor is a real rollercoaster

18. I don’t smoke but I want to hold a cigarette as elegantly as everyone on this show

19. I miss Ed.

20. Kind of enjoying this JCPenney advert energy.

21. Do I love or hate Calvin Klein after this show?

New York (Image Credit: Halston/Facebook)

22. This is sad. But so real.

23. Would I love or hate my job if I had to work in this red mirrored room?

24. Everyone needs a friend like Liza.

25. I’d love to go for a limo ride with Joe.

26. “Drive anywhere” is definitely a vibe I can get behind right now.

Halston and Liza Minnelli (Image Credit: Halston)

27. I never thought about the value of a name.

28. This is very sad.

29. Liza Minnelli is alive and well. Thank God.

Curious? Watch ‘Halston’ on Netflix here

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