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4 facts about 4mix, the Thai-pop band making it big in Latin America

Are you familiar with Thai-pop music? Here are some fun facts to learn more about 4mix, the trendy Thai-pop group that is dominating the Thai pop music scene and gaining special attention in Latin America.

It’s longer just K-pop groups who are making waves on a global entertainment stage. Although Thai-pop music has been around for quite a big while, it’s the new generation of T-pop bands that are gradually drawing international attention for their styles and talents. We currently have our eyes on 4mix, the talk-of-the-town band that brings a great deal of excitement and novelty to the Thai music industry and is a new sensation in the Latin world. They’re known for their high-octane performance and charisma, which are a feast for the eyes and the ears. Get to learn more about this rookie band with these four interesting facts.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: 4MIXofficial]

Image Credit: 4mix

4mix is a proud LGBTQ band

4mix was formed by Khaosan Entertainment and consists of four members: Mcka Natphatra, Folksong Chaninthorn, George Ramet, and Ninja Jarukit, who is openly gay. Aside from their impressive capabilities and attitudes towards diverse sexual orientations, the fact that these boys have introduced a new and fresh dimension to the LGBTQ industry is absolutely something to see.

4 facts about 4mix, the beloved Thai-pop band in the Latin world
Image Credit: 4mix

4mix is one of the first T-pop bands to boast unisex fashion

All members of 4mix are able to give off unique vibes thanks to their unisex fashion. They’re firms believers that gender-fluid fashion isn’t limited by the traditional menswear and womenswear binary. Whether it’s the outfits or the hairstyles, they’re by no means keeping things one-dimensional.

4 facts about 4mix, the beloved Thai-pop band in the Latin world
Image Credit: 4mix

They have a large international fanbase

Almost a hundred reaction videos, thousands of dance covers on TikTok and millions of views on their videos on Youtube are proof of the immense popularity of 4mix outside of Thailand. They’ve won the hearts of their fans in Latin America and travelled all the way to Mexico for solo concerts. What’s more, the Royal Thai Embassy in Mexico has acknowledged their fame and even posted their music video on their Facebook page. With each member having over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, we only see them acquiring more followers going forward.

They have a Spanish version of their song

‘Roller Coaster’ is one of the songs that shot 4mix to fame both in and outside of Thailand. It’s a fun rhythmic song with a hook that catches the ears and an easy-to-remember dance. We’ve seen countless dance covers of it on Tiktok. With a growing number of followers in South America, they didn’t miss the chance to impress these people with the Spanish version of their smash hit. The music video quickly became a new obsession and, of course, it didn’t disappoint the fans at all.

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