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5 best categories and outfits on <i>Pose</i>

With the gorgeous outfits, Netflix’s Pose is worth the hype.

When the show launched in 2018, Pose didn’t just entertain but also gave the LGBTQ+ community a stage and a voice during the Trump presidency. It follows Blanca, a ball fixture who is figuring out how to be a mother – a mentor in the ball subculture – and battling the prejudices that are faced in the community. Mother Blanca Evangelista starts off her house with Damon, a dancer, and Angel, who is a sex worker.

The TV show is not a documentary and does not claim to depict real-life events, but it represents the pain felt by the LGBTQ+ community. Something to note is that the show includes houses that currently exist. Although we are sad that the show has ended, we are happy to see what an impact it has left on the community.

Leaving with the show are some of the most iconic categories. We’re seeing the period clothing worn by the characters are making a comeback in the latest fashion trends. Although we miss the characters and the lives they lead, we know their elaborate outfits will stay with us. Here are some of the categories we won’t be able to forget.

[Hero/Feature Image Credit: Netflix]

Bring it Like Royalty

This was the first category that the House of Abundance walked. It set the stage for the rest of the TV show and is one of the most unforgettable walks that we witnessed. It started off with the House of Abundance stealing clothing out of the mannequins in the museum and it ended with Mother Elektra landing herself in handcuffs and being escorted out of the balls.

[Image Credit: Netflix]


Angel Evangelista is one of the characters that is loved by the audience. She had her ups, and she had her downs but all in all the audience only wanted her to succeed. After having to sell her body to make ends meet with her mother, Blanca pushes her towards modelling. After her first callback, she walked the face category and dominated the floor. Leaving with the biggest trophy available.

[Image Credit: Netflix]


The Snowball was in the third episode of the first season and is arguably one that put the House of Evangelista on the map. The Snowball was all about the celebration of the holidays. There were dancing, and sparkly dresses and everything one would hope. As the House of Evangelista walks, they are able to show the talent it takes to create the outfits and the poise it talks to dominate the walks.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

Mother of the year

Mother of the year is what all mothers would strive for. Elektra Abundance has taken the trophy multiple times prior. In the first season, we have seen the difference between the parenting styles between Mother Elektra and Mother Blanca. Although the speeches were heartfelt, and the win was well deserved. One thing we would never forget is the exit in the yellow dress made by Mother Blanca.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

Butch Queen Up in Drags First Time at a Ball

This was a great end to the second season. After the Mother of the Year was awarded in the second season it was flipped around. The men who were part of the ballroom scene were asked to walk under the category ‘Butch Queen Up in Drags First Time at a Ball’. It allowed people like Damon, Ricky and most importantly Pray Tell to walk. Pray Tell did not only walk but dominated the floor, shocking everyone in the crowd and getting a near-perfect score. It was a great end to the second season.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

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