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6 up and coming young Thai musicians you need to know about

It doesn’t really matter if you don’t understand Thai or not; these Thai musicians are ones to watch. 

It is way easier to start in the music industry with streaming services like Spotify. Not only are you able to easily stream the music available and create playlists. You can also put out your own music with ease. Spotify has changed the music industry. Artists don’t have to rely on big records any longer. This is why there is a rise in independent musicians.

The increase in accessibility into this industry welcomes an increasing amount of artists who are putting out music. People with talent are being discovered everywhere, even on TikTok. Here are some of our favourite new voices and Thai musicians that have entered the scene.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Pam Anshisa]


Recently releasing her new single ‘CIGARETTES’ Chaleeda is one to watch. She has worked with Netflix prior to bringing out her music and has starred in The Stranded. The twenty-year-old is a talented musician, and looks to have a promising future ahead of her.

[Image Credit: Chaleeda via Instagram]

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If you want some music to listen to while you chill around the house, then Soft Pine is for you. This band is made up of four members, and produces relaxing lo-fi music. Their newest release is called ‘Trippy world.’ It shows their experimental angle and how they have explored a sound that really works for them. We recommend you play their music from your speakers out loud.

[Image Credit: Soft Pine via Instagram]


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Pam Anshisa is not a new name in this industry. She has been featured together with other artists like Wafia before. Her latest song, ‘Toxic,’ was released earlier this year, and combines a mix of Thai and English lyrics. Bringing together a good beat and strong emotions, it’s easy to get hooked. Stream her music online or watch her recently released music video on Youtube.

[Image Credit: Pam Anshisa via Instagram]

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Independent Thai artist Cupnoodle has recently come out with a popular new hit called ‘Pineapple On Pizza.’ It has been included in many playlists. The catchy beats and the relatable lyrics will keep this song stuck in your head all day.

[Image Credit: Cupnoodle via Instagram]

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This artist’s initial rise to fame was through her TikTok page. Kessari has since released music including her hit single, ‘Lucid dreaming’. She is currently releasing more music with ‘Best in me’ now available for presave. Like Cupnoodle, her music has also been added to many Spotify playlists both locally and internationally. She is a name to remember.

[Image Credit: Kessari via Instagram]

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DOGWHINE is another up-and-coming band that should be heard. They will remind you of music by the likes of The Beatles. Their music concerns social justice and bringing awareness to the problems within the country. Their ability to create music through a different sound is what makes them so unique. They create music that is atmospheric, but they also bring up frustrations that are commonly found in society.

[Image Credit: DOGWHINE via Instagram]

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