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9 cutest K-drama bromances on Netflix

Sooner or later, K-drama bromances may overtake the main lead’s spotlight.

Bromances are always so cute and something to look out for. Sometimes they leave a bigger impression on the audiences than the main couple themselves. K-dramas have not only perfected the relationships between the two main characters, but also the bromances within them.

From bromance dynamics ranging from the love-hate to the mentor and student, each show portrays a unique bromance like no other. Besides adding to the storyline, these friendships let each show explore the characters’ unique personalities.

Though there are plenty of options when it comes to k-dramas, here are some with bromances that will make your k-drama-watching experience an even better one.

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The touching bromance of Cho Sang-gu (portrayed by Lee Je-hoon) and Han Geu-ru (portrayed by Tang Joon-sang) is shown in Move to Heaven. Sang-gu and his ex-convict uncle Geu-ru are both trauma cleaners who help each other get through their lives. Geu-ru helps Sang-gu learn about how to be a trauma cleaner as he tells his uncle about stories about the departed. The pair gets closer and closer their bromance gets more iconic.

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Ever wondered what the relationship between the guardian of souls and the Grim Reaper would be like? In Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, the two Kim Shin (portrayed by Gong Yoo) and the unnamed Grim Reaper (portrayed by Lee Dong-wook) have to work together in order to protect Eun-tak (portrayed by Kim Go-eun). But how will it end with two people who are polar opposites? Well, you can find out as you fall for their banter on the show.

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3 /9

The bromance between Lee Chae-rok (portrayed by Song Kang) and Sim Deok-chul (portrayed by Park In-hwan) is one of the sweetest you may witness. It all starts when Deok-chul seeks out a new ballet teacher. Chae-rok is reluctant, but agrees to help Deok-chul achieve a lifelong dream. As Chae-rok continues to teach Deok-chul, they form a closer bond with each other. Watch as they become an important part of each other’s lives.

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Yoo Si-jin (portrayed by Song Joong-ki) and Seo Dae-young (portrayed by Jin Goo), also known as “Big Boss” and “Wolf,” are up against North Korean soldiers and gangsters thieves. Their assignment is confidential, meaning that they only have each other in this mission. The two enjoy spending time together, even choose to spend their days off with each other. Their mutual love and respect is one that would encapsulate you as you watch Descendants of the Sun.

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Son O-gong (portrayed by Lee Seung-gi) moves into Devil King Woo’s (portrayed by Cha Seoung-won) world, both of which are openly feuding with each other.  Son O-gong constantly hangs his coat on Devil King’s beloved sculpture and mooches off of the Devil King. Even after all the petty fights, they end up revealing how much they really mean to each other. The love-hate relationship will leave you with whiplash, but it’s always worth watching.

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6 /9

Hwarang focuses on a group of young warriors, who discover more about themselves, love, and friendships as they train together. As their training progresses, they become stronger by learning to trust in one another. Their unique personalities work well with each other and provide many cute moments for the audience to enjoy

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There are two bromances within one K-drama! Emperor Lee Gon (portrayed by Lee Min-ho) and Jo Yeong (portrayed by Woo Do-hwan) were lifelong childhood friends, and Jo Yeong has always been loyal to the Emperor. But things get a little complicated when Lee Gon meets Jo Eun-sup, Jo Yeong’s doppelgänger in the Republic of Korea. Further complications ensue when the two doppelgängers finally meet each other. Find out what will come from these strange encounters.

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8 /9

Do-san (portrayed by Nam Joo-hyuk), Chul-san (portrayed by Yu Su-bin), and Yong-san (portrayed by Kim Do-wan), the subjects of this bromance, start up a company together under the name of Samsan Tech, the name inspired by the common “san” within their names. Their friendship passes through trials, obstacles, and fights but they always come out stronger on the other side. You know it’s real love when you cry with worry about your friends.

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The story of Crash Landing on You is the love between a North Korean soldier and a South Korean heiress, but the bromance between the squad and their captain leaves the audience awwing. Though their adventures put them at odds with their government, the unwavering loyalty that the squad shows their captain is extremely admirable. They risk their lives through various missions, but their positivity never takes a hit. The group stays entertaining from their differences to their similarities, which makes the storyline even more memorable.

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