If you recently bought a new Apple product, and like us, find yourself with a free one-year subscription of Apple TV+, you may as well make the most of it. 

It’s time you discovered streaming platforms beyond Netflix and expanded your range of TV shows to cover more than just Friends or The Office.

It’s time to put that subscription to good use with some of the best original Apple TV+ shows produced. Find our recommendations below, bookmark them, and begin your journey through the streaming platform.

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Defending Jacob

Based on the 2012 New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, this drama miniseries stars Chris Evans (always a good idea) and shows off his acting chops in this murder mystery. Evans plays an assistant district attorney in a small Massachusetts town when his son is accused of murdering a schoolmate. It’s gripping and character-driven with plenty of family drama to boot.


If ‘Little Women’ and ‘Bridgerton’ are anything to go by, TV shows set in this era are becoming quite the hit. Dickinson follows the fictionalised story of famed poet Emily Dickinson as she goes through her early adult life exploring society, gender norms, family through her perspective as a budding writer. Despite being set in an older era, the story has a modern tone which makes it relatable in present time. The first season aired in 2019 and its second season recently premiered.


This TV series stars Jason Momoa. Need we say more?

Jokes aside, the premise behind this series is an interesting one. The story is set centuries in the future after a disaster strikes humankind, leaving the survivors blind. In a world where no one can see, Momoa’s character weds a pregnant woman who gives birth to twins that have the gift of sight. Is this a blessing or curse? Watch to find out. A second season is in production.

Little Voice

For something light-hearted with a bit of romance, comedy, and a lot of music, try Little Voice. The storyline may be slightly cheesy – it’s about finding your authentic ‘voice’ in your early 20s – but it makes for an easy watch and might even inspire you to find your own voice, whether you’re in your early, mid, or late 20s.

For All Mankind

How different would the world be if the Soviet Union beat the United States of America to become the first man on the moon? What if cosmonauts were the more common term instead of astronauts? Wonder no more and watch ‘For All Mankind’ on Apple TV+ instead. The series explores an alternate universe where the above happens and America is in a constant race with the Soviet Union to be better and more advanced at with everything space-related. The TV show also depicts the Soviet Union including more women and minorities in the space program, something severely lacking in today’s astronauts.

Home Before Dark

This mystery-drama series follows a young girl and aspiring journalist as she moves to a small lake town where her father once lived. What starts out as a cute bid to document stories around the town becomes dangerous as her journalistic attempts uncover a cold case that the townfolk – including her own father – wants to keep buried.

Little America

The American dream isn’t just for Americans — it’s for those who move to the country in search of a better future, and ‘Little America’ wants to tell the stories of those people. The anthology-style series follows an emigrant each episode as they move to America to try and make a life for themselves there. Each story is heartwarming and eye-opening, a nice remedy for the soul after a trying day.


Famed director M. Night Shyamalan brings his signature dark thriller from the big screen to the small screen as a producer in ‘Servant’. The story of the show follows a couple who tragically lost their baby boy. The wife copes by caring for a baby doll – which looks eerily like the real thing – and begins to actually believe that it’s real. To help with this charade, the couple hires an actual nanny to care for the doll, except that the creepy new nanny behaves as though the doll is a real life baby. Watch at your own risk — a second season has just been released.

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