We know, we know. “Do people still even send greeting cards?” 

Whilst it may seem a bit of a dated tradition (let’s admit that the half of us don’t even know which side of the envelope the postage stamp goes on), there’s no denying that there’s hardly anything sweeter than writing or receiving a greeting card. Regardless of whether you cheat and send an online version (the postage stamp goes on the top right corner, jeez) or whether you blast out a message to all your contacts on WhatsApp, there is an art to crafting the perfect text to go with it. 

Granted, you could do the usual “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”, wishing your receivers a joyous festive season, a prosperous 2020, and lot’s of health and wealth. You could, however, also go down an entirely different route, and switch things up a little. 

To go back to the opening question: the short answer is yes. And to propose a little festive seasoning to the mix, we’ve taken to Twitter to find some inspiration for what to write in this year’s greeting cards. Consider the next nine celebrity tweets an alternative to your regular Feliz Navidads. 

As it turns out, especially rappers provide a gold mine for quality greeting card content. You can thank us later. Happy Holidays. 

[Hero and Featured background image: Joanna Kosinka/Unsplash]

For the friend that needs to get back on their feet in 2020: 

A very important reminder:

It’s the time of year to ask the real questions: 

For the love of your life, scientifically so: 

Some generally applicable advice from Ye: 

A good one for a New Years card:

Whatever ‘it’ may be:


And lastly, just straight to the point: 

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