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Why the Harry Styles ‘Watermelon Sugar’ music video is breaking the internet

It’s all about (not) social distancing.

Harry Styles just dropped his latest single “Watermelon Sugar” from his latest album Fine Line and it’s very, very juicy.

Whilst we are all practicing social distancing we may have forgotten that summer is approaching soon, but thankfully, Harry Styles is here to remind us. This video is dedicated to “touching” or expressing the much-missed act of touching and also when social distancing wasn’t the (new) normal. This new visual nods to the Coronavirus pandemic with an opening that proclaims “This video is dedicated to touching” give us a light-hearted music video that evokes the nostalgia of better summer days.

[All image courtesy of Harry Styles/YouTube]

Harry Styles brings the summer breeze right into our homes with a casual watermelon brunch at the shores of vibey Malibu. The pop singer is donning another flawless manicure and clad in a crochet orange tank top flaunting Elton John-worthy sunglasses. Meanwhile, the ‘70s fashion and filmy grainy aesthetic is the summer vibe we’re getting from this video. After we see him jamming to his song and casually caressing his watermelon slices, we are transported into the sand where a Bacchanal-style party takes place. Now, we are definitely missing the beach more than ever.

The video for the tracks came at a time when the British Singer was supposed to be on the European Leg of his “Love on Tour” and was shot back in January. In the light of COVID-19, his tour has been postponed to 2021, and meanwhile, he is working on his new single, of course by staying home.

If you love watermelons as much as Harry does, then splurge into summer again with this video from the comfort of your home.

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