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International Dog Day 2021: if you were a dog, which breed would you be?

Perhaps you’re a Chihuahua? A golden retriever? A Dalmatian? This International Dog Day 2021, read on to find out which dog breed you would be. We pawmise this is a fun read. 

Dog lover or not, we’re sure you’d love to find out which dog breed best resembles your personality. Maybe you are your most preferred breed, or maybe you are a breed you’d never expect. Dog moms and dads, it’s time to find out what you have in common with your furry friends. Perhaps you’re spunky like a Chihuahua, vigilant like a German Shepherd, or companionable like a Golden Retriever. Celebrating International Dog Day 2021, it’s time to find out.

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Do you like to stand out from the crowd?

Whether it’s because of your idiosyncratic fashion sense or you’re just naturally conspicuous, then your dog breed type would be Dalmatian. Dalmatians usually prefer sticking to their comfort zone but are known to be all-rounders. They are also quite active and playful, just beware of Cruella.

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Do your friends describe you as "sassy" or "feisty"?

Sassy, smart, and spunky. Chihuahuas may be small in size, but they’re sure big in personality. If you can charm your way out of anything, you’re a Chihuahua. Cheekiness aside, this entertaining pint-sized breed makes for devoted companions. 

[Image credit: Pixabay/ Pexels]

Do you prefer company over alone time?

One of the most popular dog breeds, the ever-loyal German Shepherds are known for their calm and confident demeanour. You may resonate with this well-loved breed if you’re someone that prefers company rather than solitude, as German Shepherds are likely to experience separation anxiety when left alone for too long. Additionally, if you prefer being outdoors and active, you’re just like these natural guardians. 

[Image credit: Rrinna/ Pexels]

Are you admittedly a little goofy?

A squishy face, a mischievous side, and an affable attitude – pugs are more than just cutesy, pocket-sized dogs. You’re a pug if you thrive on companionship, you’re a bit goofy, easygoing, and exuberant. Pugs believe that they please you by simply existing — and they’re not wrong.

[Image credit: Mink Mingle/ Unsplash]

Beneath the exterior, are you a softie at heart?

Do you have a natural #RBF that prevents people from approaching you even if it’s unintentional? You’re a bulldog. And you’re actually a softie at heart. Gentle but courageous, the breed also has a special fondness for children, so if you’re someone that loves kids, this one’s for you.

[Image credit: Hermes Rivera/ Unsplash]

Are you full of energy and very sociable?

Sounds like you? Behind their bewildered eyes and disarming countenance, Jack Russell Terriers have a witty and crafty mind. So, if sometimes you’ve embodied the ‘looks can be deceiving’ expression, this is the breed you’d be. 

[Image credit: Rob Fuller/ Unsplash]

Do you have a great smile?

Social media famous and movie stars, Golden Retrievers are known for their trademark smile. Are you a foodie? Do you love going for runs, hikes, or swims? Are you outgoing and love meeting new people? If your answer is yes to all of those, you’re basically a Golden Retriever. Apart from being insanely endearing, this widely-loved breed also excels as a service dog and makes the ultimate family pet. 

[Image credit: Helena Lopes/ Unsplash]

Are you little and lovable?

We have another small in stature but big in personality kind here. Quick-witted with untouchable aplomb, this breed rejoices in alternating between being independent and wanting to please. Are you also little and loveable? If yes, then you’re undeniably a Pomeranian. 

[Image credit: Koolshooters/ Pexels]

Are you a bit of a fancy supermodel?

Siberian Huskies are dramatically alluring; one glance is not nearly enough to soak in their splendour. Although they’re the supermodel of dogs, this fun-loving breed is always up for adventures and has an acute fondness for the cold. If like Huskies, you prefer the frosty weather and you’re always up for anything and everything, this is the breed you’re meant to be. 

[Image credit: Nataliia Kvitovska/ Unsplash]

Do you pride yourself in being a hard worker?

If you love being productive and you’re a hard worker, Rottweiler is the dog breed that you are. Rottweilers are also highly intelligent and keen learners. Although they are best known for being police dogs, guide dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs, this breed can also be a gentle and loving companion. 

[Image credit: Vova Krasilnikov/ Pexels]

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