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Lifestyle Asia Playlist January 2020: Mia Restaurant

The perfect way to soothe you into that sweet Friday feeling: meet the Lifestyle Asia BK Playlist

Taking inspiration from our favourite venues about town, every last Friday of the month we’re inviting a Bangkok cool cat to curate an exclusive playlist for our readers (and listeners) to tune in to. Whatever your jam, consider it the ideal pre-game, house party, solo party, or even casual commute track list at your handy disposal. We only give our guest DJs one prerequisite: make it really, really vibe-y. 

There hasn’t been a recent restaurant opening with quite such ‘grammable buzz as Mia. 

Located in an unsuspecting residential area in a stand-alone house off of buzzing Sukhumvit Soi 26, it could’ve been a best-kept culinary secret, except possibly every cool person you know has been spotted there for dinner — with a slew of Instagram stories to suit. Be it the must-try foie gras donut, the sultry neon light sign in the bathroom, or the incredible team behind the whole shebang, there is something unapologetically trendy about Mia. Thus is exactly why, for the new year, we couldn’t be more excited to have this new restaurant create our first playlist of 2020.

Mia Restaurant
Bar & Dessert Counter

Mia Restaurant is the brainchild of Bangkok-based chef-duo Pongcharn ‘Top’ Russell and Michelle Goh (of Freeboard and Sühring), in collaboration with Chef Julien Imbert. If Chef Julien Imbert’s name rings a bit of a bell, it is because he previously honed his craft in many an iconic London establishment, including Sketch, Jason Atherton’s City Social, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, to name a few. If you’ve visited any of these places, the influence becomes somewhat apparent here at Mia.

Mia Restaurant
Dining at Mia Restaurant

The ingredient-driven restaurant boasts both wildly imaginative interiors and a wildly eclectic mix of creative dishes. Whether you’re seated in The Colour Room in a private dining pod devouring the uni tart, or you’re taking in the dusty pink hues alongside the incredible signature Tarte Tatin in The Flower Room, there is one thing that will stand out to you, the way it stood out to us. The soundtrack is crazy good. 

As Bangkok’s dining scene becomes evermore competitive, it is wholly refreshing and exciting to find a restaurant that puts just as much thought into its ambience, as it does into its dishes. A great dinner experience is one that hits a home run with all of the senses, and for the most part, at Mia, they’ve really knocked it out of the park. 

Mia Restaurant Interior
The Flower Room

Combining London’s dynamic dining scene with Bangkok’s fun-loving character, Chef Julien Imbert himself has curated the Lifestyle Asia Playlist for January 2020. There’s everything from the snazzy vibes of The Blaze, Empire of the Sun, and Kygo, over to infamously chilled crowdpleasers by Phoenix (yes, Liztomania), MGMT (yes, Electric Feels), and Icona Pop & Charli XCX (absolutely yes — I Love It). There’s even a few tracks from the Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack, because if unlike us you still haven’t spent your mornings grooving to it, you absolutely must.

Play these songs at home when you next host a dinner. Play them in the Grab on the way to dinner. Play them at the gym the next morning after you’ve ordered three servings of the truffle churros at Mia for dinner. Anything goes. Happy New Year!

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Mia Restaurant, 30 Attha Kawi 1 (Sukhumvit Soi 26), Bangkok; +66 98 862 9659. Open Tues-Sun 6pm-12am. 

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