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6 movies and series NOT to watch with your mum

Grab that remote and press stop—some movies are best to watch with literally anyone else, just not your mother. Here is an exact list of them.

When special occasions arise, there are a lot of activities you can choose in order to reconnect with your mum. Some take their mums on a trip to be more in one with nature or enjoy a luxurious cruise together. Many book a spot at a nice restaurant where you can bond over some good food. The rest of us simply need a TV, a streaming service, and an intimate little couch.

However, some of the things you see on your streaming service might not be the best choice. And those are not just the ones with sex scenes, either. Some films and series are far more sinister and dangerous if your mother ever gets a glimpse. Naturally, we decided to make a movie list for Mother’s Day.

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Here are six movies and series NOT to watch with your mother

Bo Burnham: Inside
Image credit: Bo Burnham/Facebook

Bo Burnham: Inside

Inside is a comedy special which involves comedian Bo Burnham writing, shooting, performing, and editing all by himself—all alone with no crew nor audience. It’s very highly praised, relatable, and gives another angle to the time when we were stuck at home during the pandemic.

Still, comedy is subjective. Many times comedy depends on relatability, which then gives said comedy an age gap. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a nice time with your mum, and you laughing alone while she sits quietly can be quite awkward. If that doesn’t make you quit the movie right away, wait until your mother asks you to explain a joke while you’re trying to follow the movie along.

Image credit: DARK/Facebook


DARK’s tagline is “everything is connected.” Sure, but most of us need two viewings, a powerpoint presentation, and a WikiHow article in order to grasp just a tiny bit of how everything is connected, or what even is going on.

Now imagine having to explain all that to your mum. Grab every visual aid in the house, and remember to make all the text bold and size 30.

Pitch Perfect franchise
Image credit: Pitch Perfect/Facebook

Pitch Perfect franchise

You and your mum go to a gathering. They karaoke. “Oh, they have karaoke,” your mum exclaims. “Go sing, you can sing,” she says. You do not want to sing, but you have to do it anyway.

For Asian kids that have let their parents know they can sing, you’ll know this struggle. For the ones that don’t, that will be your future if you even let one note slip when you watch Pitch Perfect with your mum. After all, the whole franchise is full of bops and songs that are calling out to you to sing along. After all, do you not sing along to Flashlight? A sin.

It doesn’t matter if you sing good or not, you know mum will make you sing at that Christmas party anyway.

Andrew Garfield
Image credit: Netflix/Facebook

tick, tick…Boom!

Starring Andrew Garfield and Vanessa Hudgens, this film is a musical about an aspiring playwright navigating through career choices and struggling relationships. If you’re pursuing a path in the arts, you know exactly why this movie should be banished from the family’s streaming library.

Don’t let your mum be reminded that the arts are not the best moneymaking career in the world, even distinctly. All the questions of why you’re not a doctor, or why you did not get a degree in business will slowly come back to haunt you through the course of the movie. Now that’s nostalgia you don’t want to experience again.

The Good Place
Image credit: The Good Place/Facebook

The Good Place

The Good Place is a fun, comedic series starring Ted Dansen, Kristen Bell, and more. What has made this show so beloved is how the show introduces philosophy as a base. It makes the audience ponder on the topics of good, evil, as well as life and death. Plus, its 20-minute runtime per episode makes the show a light, enjoyable bite one can enjoy even during a short break.

Still, it’s the philosophy part that becomes a problem to watch with your mum. A philosopher is one of the worst professions, if you want to call it such, to have as a family member. If you watch The Good Place with mum, existential questions are bound to arise. At your next family gathering, it’s not going to be “why don’t you have a boyfriend?” but rather “what do you categorise as a good relationship?” In fact, “what really is ‘good’ when it comes to a relationship?” This is before Mom even gets started on Judith Butler. We shudder at the possibility.

The chair Sandra Oh
Image credit: Sandra Oh/Instagram

The Chair

The Chair is a brilliant series in its own right. The forever iconic Sandra Oh plays the first woman of colour to be appointed head of the English department at a very prestigious university, to which she must balance the many demands of her coworkers, as well as high expectations from the university.

Still, you must not let your mum watch The Chair, or anything that involves an educational institution. The next day, you’ll be faced with questions for your plans for the future. Be sure to prepare answers on if you want to pursue an even higher education, or your thoughts on being a professor. After all, “it’s stable with high pay,” she’ll say.

Academia is a war that you’ll always lose, and the first battle is with Reviewer #2.

Vichayuth Chantan

Content Writer, Bangkok

A bar enthusiast with passion for good food, Vichayuth can be found trying out new menus and making friends over drinks. His hobbies include video games, listening to live music, and silently judging you from across the room.

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