2020, what a year. 

Each month this 2020, we will be celebrating a particular theme; be it private jet etiquette in the summer, or how to adequately pair chocolate and champagne during the festive season. For May, as temperatures soar (weather-wise, hopefully not body-wise #WatchYourCorona), our theme is all about getting high. 

As in, living the high life, that is. 

Granted, living the high life in its Entourage-like envisions is not quite possible at the moment given the state of the current pandemic, yet we’ve always been strong advocates of looking on the bright side, and finding things to get hyped about nevertheless. 

[Featured Image Credit: Laura Vinck/Unsplash; Hero Image Credit: Clemens van Lay/Unsplash]

Image Credit: Chalo Garcia/Unsplash

Stories you’ll find this month will be centred around getting high quite literally, like our favourite high-rise restaurants around the globe, the best neighbourhoods to invest in for your next condo, or the most serene views from the top of the world. It’s a value proposition kind of theme, most fundamentally, between making your first major timepiece purchase (and what to look out for), as well as why now is quite an interesting time to get into buying stocks. High profits, high pleasure, high living — for first-timers.

Image Credit: Marcus Loke/Unsplash

Expanding into categories beyond portfolio investment, we’re also going to get playful with it this month. How can I get a sugar high without the evil calories? What are some of the best home-grown high street fashion brands out there at the moment? And as sneakers and athleisure start to become the new sartorial normal, are high heels still a thing? 

A tribute to everything worth the hype, and a breeding ground for discussion on things not worth the hype, you’ll find all stories pertaining to our May theme linked right here in this space.

Don’t let a global health crisis get you down. Get high.

Image Credit: Pedro Iastra/Unsplash

Inside 98 Wireless: a private tour of place and personality

There is a calming air of exclusivity in the Gampu Lounge, between high ceilings and a lot of natural light. There are a lot of thoughtful touches in this arrival area, such as a book on 1920s-inspired cocktails perched on a mahogany and brass roundtable that dates back to the nineteenth century. It is wholly fitting, as tonight, we plan to host an extravagant dinner. There is still plenty to be done, but at 98 Wireless you’ll find you’ll always be the hostess with the mostest. As residents on the inside, let us let you in on the secret. 

98 Wireless Sansiri

Ring the bell: step inside the homes of celebrities

Nowadays, thanks to the magic of modern technology, and with absolutely no risk of legal consequences, you can explore any number of private interiors that have been shaped by strong personalities. Here are three series in which socialites and celebrities open the doors to their homes. For once, social distancing is not really required, so feel free to come right in.

What’s new in property, design, and investment in the region?

Launched in autumn 2019, Luxe Living Asia covers the exciting world of international luxury real estate, with a predominant focus for buyers and sellers based in Asia. Despite the tenuous position of the property market during the past nine months — which in the international arena has been rocky to say the least — we’re here to shed light on the opportunities and trends that are cropping up across the world.

Master Bathroom at The Morgan Sky duplex, Hong Kong. Designed by Heidar Sadeki.

Sugar High: these 5 dessert shops deliver a dose of sweet happiness

So if you have a big sweet tooth or low-key need to break free from all the pandemic tension, even just temporarily, get (sugar)high with our selection of best treats from around Bangkok. These dessert shops are here to tackle your sweet strike and keep your mental health in check through tough times.

Image Credit: Anna Sullivan/Unsplash

Impeccable living at Saladaeng One, between park views and city bustle

The highly-coveted Saladaeng neighbourhood bustles with a vibrant blend of business and urbanite lifestyle. Between tree-lined sois and upscale office buildings, rises one prime real estate: welcome to Saladaeng One by SC Asset.

Welcome to Beatniq: where convenience meets luxury lifestyle

Encapsulating urban living at its finest, the Thonglor-Phromphong area buzzes with a bevy of exciting cafes, lifestyle outlets, and boutique dineries. Mere minutes away from the Thonglor BTS station, it is also where you’ll find the equally young, fun, bold, and buzzing Beatniq.

Bring forth your style and live luxuriously at 28 Chidlom

Chidlom has long been one of Bangkok’s most sought-after addresses. And now, emerging from the chic yet sophisticated neighbourhood, comes yet another striking edifice by SC asset. Welcome to 28 Chidlom.

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