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Spotify Wrapped 2021: The best Twitter reactions and memes

It’s everybody’s favourite time of the year. It’s Spotify Wrapped time. Here are 21 memes and Twitter reactions that passed the vibe check.

We look forward to Spotify Wrapped just as much as we look forward to Christmas. Yes, it’s on the same level. This year, Spotify Wrapped 2021 has introduced a new level of personal, precious, and, well, perfect features. We’ve got nothing but love but for the added features. Audio Aura? Yes, please. This music streaming service provider has tracked our data in the best way possible.

Thanks to this annual, universally-appreciated phenomenon, we now know that no one knows us better than Spotify. No one. If you failed the ‘Two Truths One Lie’ game, Spotify knows you better than yourself. So, Spotify, from us to you, “you understood the assignment.” The Spotify Wrapped 2021 is top tier, and so are the reactions. Before we dive into the best reactions and memes, Apple Music users can now exit the article. Here is our pick of 21 best reactions and memes to Spotify Wrapped 2021.

1. Guilty as charged.

2. Apple Music users, you reap what you sow.

3. Priorities.


4. The popcorn is ready, and so are we.

5. Crushing it.

6. Time to get Spotify premium.


7. Also in our 30s, 40s, 50s…

8. From graphic designer to graphic resigner?

9. To you, too, Grant. To you, too.


10. You do you, girl.

11. Spotify is on the right track

12. We need a global holiday, please.

13. Here is what we want, what we really, really want.

14. Red (Taylor’s strategic version)

15. And they only love their bed and their momma?

16. You okay there?

17.  You don’t say.


 18. No more hide and seek.

19. Don’t y’all want to be happy?

20. We do work hard for it.

21. Ending this article on a happy note.

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An animal-loving activist with a fervor for writing, designing, and anything creative. Natasha's hobbies include obsessing over golden retrievers & ocean swimming.
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