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Subreddit of the Week: I’m The Main Character

Warning: ridiculously self-centred people who think the world revolves around them ahead. Welcome to the I’m The Main Character subreddit.

For the longest time, scientists thought that the Earth was the centre of the universe. That has long been disproven, but the people featured in these posts didn’t get the memo. These people think that a laugh track will play with their every quip, that music will start when they start dancing, or that they’re in slow motion when they’re walking down the road.

These will make you cringe. You’ve been warned. 

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Dima Pechurin/Unsplash]

I’m The Main Character subreddit: gym etiquette, shredded cheese, walking through a herd of galloping horses, and Americans.

If you thought you knew just how full of themselves people can be, wait until you’ve scrolled down the endless pit of ego in this subreddit. Many posts here feature complaints about how people no longer know proper gym etiquette because people keep walking into their shots. The nerve—and at a public gym!? Another post features a forlorn woman waiting for some shredded cheese; a man who, in his own words, is putting people “on blast” for closing the store two minutes before closing time; and last but certainly not the least self-centred is the two ‘Muricans celebrating ‘Murica in the comments section.

But being a main character isn’t always negative. Peep the surprising character who drives in to hilariously hijack two young women’s attempts to film a TikTok and a young girl who steals the show by doing a sassy walk down the runway.

Here are our picks from the I’m The Main Character subreddit. 

Stroking myself on social media over shredded cheese from ImTheMainCharacter


Who does this?! from ImTheMainCharacter

these guys. from ImTheMainCharacter

Walking through running horses for clout points. from ImTheMainCharacter

I don’t think this is how reservations work from ImTheMainCharacter

to enter CVS one (1) minute before closing 🥴 from ImTheMainCharacter

Chick gets offended cause someone dared to walk between her and her phone. from ImTheMainCharacter

Girl recording at the gym gets offended when someone stares in her general direction. from ImTheMainCharacter

She wonders why she’s single from ImTheMainCharacter

I mean… from ImTheMainCharacter

Young MC from ImTheMainCharacter

Main Main Character from ImTheMainCharacter


Subreddit of the Week: I’m The Main Character

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