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Our theme for August may get you wet

2020, what a year.

Each month this 2020, we will be celebrating a particular theme; be it private jet etiquette in the summer, or how to adequately pair chocolate and champagne during the festive season. For August, we’re really feeling that hot humidity and getting caught in random midday showers — but we’re not letting that faze us. For August, we’re actually all about getting wet.

Our theme for the month that sits comfortably in the midst of the rainy season is ‘Rain on No Parade.’ It’s a play on words because we love a play on words, and we like to get playful with themes around here. As we embark into the storm, we’re looking to celebrate the small things and the big things this August. 

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Image Credit: Roxxie Blackham/Unsplash

The notion that rain (nor a pandemic, PM 2.5, or other general pandemonium) could take away our shine does not exist under our August theme. Stories you’ll find this month will be centred around what you can get up to in the rain (think: indoors), the nicest rubber boots about town, and why getting a massage during the monsoon is one the greatest things you could possibly do. 

It also touches on bigger events like celebrations (parades, get it?), from Mother’s Day on 12 August, to Leo Season for the majority of the month. Indeed, there’s a lot to look forward to this month, and no heavy shower as we’re stuck in traffic on Sukhumvit can get us down. Crank up our playlist, groove away your grimace, and remember — allow us one cheesy cliche here — that it’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about dancing in the rain

(You can find our high and dry or wet and wild stories linked below throughout the month.)

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The 5 best watches to wear during the rainy season 

In the summer we’re sporting resortwear linens ’til we drop, and in the winters we’re doing faux fur ’til we can’t no more. Hems are long here and then they’re short there. Blouses are entirely transparent or not at all. And boots seem to evolve in a never-ending cycle of long and short and back again. But what about seasons in wrist wear?

Image Credit: Alan Caishan/Unsplash

5 best spas in Bangkok to retreat to on a rainy day

If only there was an exact word to describe that warm, tranquil feeling of being indoors during a rainstorm. Watching or listening to rain pattering against the window while you’re safe and dry inside is one of life’s simple pleasures. Now as Bangkok drifts (slowly) towards the rainy season, we’re looking forward to a lot more of these cosy, peaceful moments. And there’s probably no better place to enjoy the Bangkok thunderstorms than in a nourishing sanctuary of a luxury spa.

Image Credit: Raya Heritage

Checking in: Raya Heritage, an artisanal sanctuary on the Ping River

Despite it being the rainy season during our stay, and despite a few showers throughout the weekend, it all feels a lot less stressful and a lot more romantic from the balconies here. The white-linen-bearing staff makes you feel safe, your surroundings feel raw and close to nature, and honking cars and sirens from the city fade out of the picture entirely. Instead we jam to a soundtrack of gentle river streams, a drizzle, or, goodness, an angry cricket in heat — at most. As ever the millennials we may be stubborn to admit; but as it turns out, along the tranquil Ping River, sometimes simple really does it.

Image Credit: Burberry

Shelter from the showers with these designer umbrellas

Carrying umbrellas for those just-in-case-it-rains situations is as essential as wearing a mask because, at this point, we can’t take a chance to fall ill. Since we have to settle down for an umbrella, we might as well have a designer one that could complement our outfits. It could easily camouflage with your attire or enhance the whole look. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite designer umbrellas from our favourite fashion brands, so you can beat the rain like a boss this season.

Image Credit: Shone Puipia

Gallery: a closer look at Shone Puipia’s ‘Cloudbusting’ collection

As for the collection’s name, ‘Cloudbusting’ is the name of a song by Kate Bush which has inspired the label through the past lockdown. Not one to deny that quarantine hasn’t been the easiest of times, the song is about “longing yet with a sense of optimism.”

“Longing yet with a sense of optimism”: a perfect way to put into a phrase the entire collection. View the gallery for your dose of delicate inspiration for a rainy day, or any day, really.

5 stylish rain boots to beat any storm

August might be one of the most exciting months so far this year, but the unexpected downpour does sometimes get in the way. But, who said we had to sacrifice style for dry socks? Here are some gorgeous, fashionable stormy weather staples that would keep you puddle-proof. Our motto? Keep it comfy — and keep it chic, too.

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