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Our theme for February 2020 is not cheesy at all

2020, what a year.

Each month this 2020, we will be celebrating a particular theme; be it private jet etiquette in the summer, or how to adequately pair chocolate and champagne during the festive season. For February, fresh out of unconvincingly trying to force new healthy habits, our theme is one that touches on the (dreaded) big V of the month, but from a different angle. This February 2020, our theme is titled “Love & Self Love.”

We’ve never been ones to give in to the cheese. Yes, we love a good rom-com from time to time. Yes, we get teary-eyed during proposals on the beach. And yes, we have weighted the idea of getting married to a sandwich and calling it real love. But we wouldn’t be true to form if we brought you a series of sappy love stories this February. 

February Theme: Self Love
Image Credit: Mandy von Stahl/Unsplash

No, this February 2020 we’re all about empowerment. We’re all about taking care of ourselves. We’re all about positivity — body and mind. We’re all about the notion that real, true love, starts with the self. And we’re having just the right conversations, trying out just the coolest activities, and finding just the sweetest spots to go on this adventure, together. Whether it’s eating right, taking a digital detox, or doing your bit for the environment, our theme of Love & Self Love could not come at a better time.

Image Credit: Laura Ockel/Unsplash

After all, we’re millennials. We’re busy. We get lost and carried away in a pile of anxiety; toppling piles of work, overuse and abuse of being 24/7 online, and then bursts of random epidemics like the Coronavirus. (Not a joke — wear your mask, sport your Eau de Sanitiser, and stay safe, please). 

Yet of course we’ll still make you a sweet Vday Playlist, and of course we’ll still tell you where to wine and dine bae that weekend. But we’ll also be fond signers uppers to the idea that you can take your own great self to dinner too, and then proceed to rock out to aforementioned playlist alone or in company back at your apartment.

February Theme: Self Love
Image Credit: @titouanc/Unsplash

Committed, single, or ready for some Pringles, we’ll be collecting all our stories and linking back to them right here. Stay tuned, watch this space, and have a great February. We love you.

Love & Self Love

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