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Our theme for January 2020 is revolutionary

2020, what a year. 

Each month this 2020, we will be celebrating a particular theme, be it private jet etiquette in the summer, or how to adequately pair chocolate and champagne during the festive season. For January, fresh out of a New Year’s hangover and straight to the gym for a barre class, our theme is titled, “To New Beginnings!”

To New Beginnings theme January 2020
Image Credit: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash

We deliberately included an exclamation mark to communicate our wild enthusiasm for a wildly successful 2020. Stories you can expect this month will be themed around fruitful habits and how to keep them, as well as new and exciting things to try out, and how to really have a fresh start — whether it’s post-breakup, post-new-apartment, post-new-job, or post-binge-watching-Netflix-all-December. 

theme January 2020
Image Credit: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash

We’ll be collecting all our stories and linking back to them right here, so stay tuned, and watch this space for many pieces to come. To New Beginnings! Exclamation mark!

To New Beginnings!

Image Credit: Warren Wong/Unsplash

9 apps to help you kickstart your new year resolutions

“Rather than to recommend you the same old resolutions that you’ve been making year after year and tips on following through, we thought that these nine apps would help you achieve those 2020 goals a lot more efficiently. After all, our lives are lived on our smartphones so much these days that it’s more intuitive to receive a notification rather than flip through a physical journal.”

Image Credit: NordWood Themes /Unsplash

5 caffeine alternatives to power you up sans the guilt

“In traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng has always been one of the most beneficial ingredients to the body. It has been said to supplement the body’s five viscera, namely the spleen, lungs, heart, liver and kidneys, as well as to sharpen one’s mind and increase alertness. In Asia, drinking ginseng tea or ginseng juices are extremely popular. Korean ginseng juice is sweet and usually made with other natural energy boosters like jujube. Students in Chinese culture, drink ginseng tea not only for its concentration enhancement benefits but also its cold prevention abilities. The drink is a little bitter, so many add a bit of honey or some large jujubes to neutralise the taste.”

Image Credit: Vistro Bangkok

A cure for your New Year’s hangover

“We’ve always been big fans of a health shot, and at Vistro the ‘Wake Up’ (THB 80) made with ginger, lemon, lime, and Thai chili is absolutely our fave. For those who are (still) suffering from some post-NYE regrets, try the aptly-named ‘About Last Night’ (THB 80). It’s made with aloe vera, beetroot, coconut water, and lemon.”

Image Credit: Mohammad Metri/Unsplash

5 great podcasts for every entrepreneur in 2020

You can hear interesting and celebrated guest speakers like Facebook’s Dustin Moscowitz and PayPal’s Peter Thiel, or listen in on real life entrepreneurs’ pitches to investors. Whether your business is still just an idea in your head, or it’s already up and running, you’re sure to learn something and get some fresh ideas. Here’s to all your new ventures this new year!

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6 fun workouts to kickstart your 2020 fitness regime in Bangkok

Nothing is going to happen if you don’t actually get out there and pump those muscles into shape. Need a little motivation to kickstart your fitness regime? Bangkok is filled with passionate workout classes brimming in every corner of the city, so you’ve got every opportunity to make your mind and body as healthy and happy as you want. Here are some of our favourite classes that are going to make your mornings and evenings more even more exciting, and, of course, get your adrenaline rushing.

Must-read, books of 2020, Kinokuniya., books depository, what to read
Image Credit: Unsplash/Daniel Schludi

Must-reads: 5 books you need to read this January 2020

Whether you’re the type who loves reading a tangible hard copy or the one who likes to use their kindle to read on-the-go,t here’s something for everyone to start fresh this January, based on our theme “To New Beginnings!”. Here, we’ve curated a list of books that we think you might enjoy. Don’t wait, grab a cuppa of hot chocolate (or cha yen) and get booked.

Vistro Green Juice
Image Credit: Vistro

6 things to know about being vegan in Bangkok

Less tolerated than a motorcyclist who doesn’t indicate, less understood than a Google translation, and more stigmatised than the Nana district: vegans have their fair share of mockery and eye-rolls. I also once laughed at how picky and primitive the plant-based diet seems. But as part of my new year’s resolutions for 2020, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of becoming a full-on vegan in Bangkok. 

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