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Our theme for November 2020 will make you want to get hitched

2020, what a year.

Each month this 2020, we will be celebrating a particular theme; be it private jet etiquette in the summer, or how to adequately pair chocolate and champagne during the festive season. For November, we’re getting a little sentimental as the year slowly comes to an end. Fresh out of Loy Krathong and high on the romance, our theme is entitled ‘Marry and Be Merry.’

It isn’t often that we run a story on weddings, largely because we think we’re too cool to be cheesy, but as Emquartier starts to bring out the Christmas trees and every celebrity seems to be pregnant with a lockdown baby, our heart strings are feeling a little tugged.

This November, we want to embrace that emotion. It’s getting cooler in Bangkok, and we’re slowly slipping into the official unofficial wedding season. We want to celebrate this in the best way we know how, by inspiring you with alternative wedding outfit ideas (a jumpsuit is very on trend), engagement ring trends (for men, too), and the most romantic destinations in the country. For those who are not getting hitched — and are not itching to, either — treat our November theme with the spirit of a wedding crasher. Here’s where to be merry, here’s who to marry, and here’s how to make the most of the penultimate month of the year before the final and full-fledged indulgence of December kicks in.

You’ll find our stories (a mix of sappy and not) linked below. This November, eat, drink, and be merry — or get married.

[Featured Image Credit: Eddi Aguirre/Unsplash; Hero Image Credit: Foto Pettine/Unsplash]

Image: Jane Attaskulchai via @vvonsugunnasil/Instagram

Best Dressed in Bangkok: what to wear to a wedding

We decided to drop you some inspiration to find the ideal bridal wear for your special day — or even the perfect bridesmaid dress for your bestie’s wedding. Why not turn towards some fashionable Bangkokians for some inspiration? From glamorous designs to more timeless and vintage dresses, check out here who rocks the look best in our curated gallery for LSA Best Dressed – the Wedding Dress Edition. 

Image Credit: House of Eden

10 romantic cafes for a date in Bangkok

When talking about romantic cafes, House Of Eden immediately tops our list. The pink-blasted café inspired by the mythical garden conjures a sense of illusional fantasy that makes this place so dreamy and marvellous. From pastel pink sofas and pink-painted walls to the use of a rose-gold palette throughout the entire shop, the House of Eden may appear to be what every girl pictures when she thinks about the princess tea house. So those who want to dine like a prince or princess, saunter over there and try the cafe’s sumptuous feast of food, desserts, and drinks.

The 5 biggest engagement ring trends in 2020

Certified GIA gemologist, Emma Clarkson Webb specialises in sourcing diamonds and semi-precious stones to create unique jewellery pieces. In conversation with her, we’ve rounded up a few engagement ring trends for 2020. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the one.

Image Credit: Pharrell Williams via Instagram

How to pair jewellery with a suit and always look dapper

However – with Pharrell (always) as our sartorial saviour – a brilliant change could be on the cards. Gucci sent necklaces on men down the runway last year, and everyone from Cartier and Boucheron to Bally is bringing more suit jewellery into their repertoire. Unquestionably, the ideal pairing for a good suit is a dress watch and a good pair of leather shoes, but more intriguingly, cufflinks, tie pins, and brooches are cropping up more – and in very creative waves, too.

The best honeymoon hotels in the world, as per our favourite Instagram couples

Our trusted source on the most gorgeous and picturesque destinations and resorts around the world, we’ve put together 8 swoon-worthy honeymoon hotels, inspired by our favourite travel bloggers. High on romance, and high on likes. Read on.

Image Credit: Zac Posen for White One

The new trends in wedding dresses for millennials (and the bridal labels to watch)

There are few traditions that the new marrying lot are doing away with. Wedding dresses no longer have to be floor-length, white, or even a dress at all. And who says you need only one for the special occasion? The rise of “Influencer” style weddings have seen millennials opting for several changes throughout the day, in order to create a dramatic look for the actual wedding but then slipping into something a little more fluid in order to dance the night away at the reception. Millennials have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for themselves, making the new-gen wedding day so much more exciting, personalised, and fashionable than ever before.

5 things you never knew about wedding rings

Though most commonly known as the ‘Satan’ in the Bible, the serpent is also believed to have a dual personality of both good and evil, and therefore can also have positive associations such as wisdom and good luck. In terms of jewellery, snake rings, especially ones with ruby eyes, were actually very popular wedding bands in Victorian England, all due to the emerald serpent ring Prince Albert used to propose to Queen Victoria. The Queen believed that the coils, which wind into a circle, symbolise eternal love, and will ensure a true ‘happily ever after’.

Image Credit: Jesse Orrico/Unsplash

What to eat to heal a broken heart, according to a nutritionist

Our greatest wish is to crawl into a tub of ice cream and overdose right now, but that probably wouldn’t be the healthiest thing. Could you suggest some alternatives?

Nice cream! I make ‘ice cream’ with only fruit — think, blended frozen berries or mango or even bananas. For added flavour you can also add raw cacao, cacao nibs, and any crushed nuts to add texture. Here are several (dairy-free) recipes I like to use.

5 engagement ring trends to look out for in 2021

If wedding bells may come ringing for you next year, there’s no time like the present to see what’s trending for engagement rings. While many classic styles are making a comeback this new year, there are also some unique coloured-stones stealing the spotlight. We’ve rounded up a few engagement ring trends you can expect in 2021. This way you’ll definitely be prepared if you want to put a ring on it.

Image Credit: Alexandra Gornago/Unsplash

Q&A: Kevin Kwan, author of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Sex and Vanity’

It started with the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ trilogy. The bestselling series was later adapted into the 2018 film, applauded for bringing Asian representation on a monumental scale to Hollywood. Today, Kevin Kwan is here to discuss his latest novel, ‘Sex and Vanity’ which was picked up for a feature film presentation by Sony Pictures — just a week after it hit shelves in June. We caught up with Kwan to learn more.

Our theme for November 2020 will make you want to get hitched

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