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10 types of people we spotted and loved at Wonderfruit 2019

What a weekend it has been. 

The absolute shining star — and we’re not just talking glittery eye makeup — of any festival-goer’s calendar, Wonderfruit 2019 has officially lived, loved, and wondered for the year. Southeast Asia’s very own version of a Coachella-meets-Burning-Man, the annual event saw a feast of music, food, arts, family, culture, and love in The Fields. In our own version of a desert (okay, Siam Country Club), the event was as vibrant as ever, and as your loyal leaders in all things hot and happening, we were right on location to see and feel it all for you. 

And what sights and feelings we saw and felt. From neon-clad crews to crochet-bikini-bearing bicycle riders, old friends and new friends, and many a bar industry insider, Wonderfruit 2019 was as characterful as it was eventful. Here are the personalities we spotted and loved. 

[All images courtesy of Wonderfruit]

Wonderfruit 2019 People

1. The hardcore hipster

With a mane as long as the line-up, a tie-dye t-shirt (maybe even matching pants too), and an ensemble that facilitates both yoga in the morning and napping in the evening, the hardcore hipster thrives at Wonderfruit. We spotted plenty of bearded men with beaded necklaces, women with colourful tresses who likely own a half-moon harp or whatever it’s called, and youngsters who rode those horse bicycles with greater ease than anyone else. Wonderfruit 2019 felt like home. 

Yoga session at Wonderfruit

2. Sir naps-a-lot

This one was a VIP member of the second floor of the Baan Sabai bus, an honorary member of The House of Doing Nothing, but also impartial to a midday snooze in the midst of the fields. To be fair though: can you even say you did the Wonderfruit experience if you didn’t take a random power nap somewhere (anywhere) on the premises? 

Dancing people, Wonderfruit 2019

3. The free-spirited dancer

This person had rhythm and tune running through their veins. No matter the genre, and no matter the time, the free-spirited dancer could always move to the beat. It feels as if The Quarry was especially made for him or her. 

Wonderfruit 2019 People

4. The high on life 

We don’t need to explain this one. It’s Wonderfruit. Have a think. 

Wonderfruit 2019 People

5. The influencer

There’s no denying that Wonderfruit is one of the most ‘grammable events of the year. The influencer thrives in this environment, loaded with a power bank or seven to spare, and plenty of outfit changes. Where ‘net’ idol also translates to fishnet stockings or even dresses, we spotted a lot of really, really well-dressed influencers and soon-to-be influencers at Wonderfruit 2019. Their hotspot? The Molam Bus at Golden Hour. 

Wonderfruit 2019 People

6. The one who attended all the workshops 

Whilst a lot of people come to Wonderfruit past sunset, there is still quite a crowd at the festival during the day. Lest we forget, Wonderfruit runs non-stop for a full 99 hours, with something to do and enjoy for every minute of those hours. The workshop-aholic probably even woke up especially early and dragged a grumpy non-morning-person with them to the workshops during the day, and likely used the app to book a slot well in advance, too. 

7. The dog

We’re not sure if it’s all the dust in the air, but doesn’t it seem like the dogs at Wonderfruit 2019 were cuter than ever? Wearing bandanas instead of collars, we loved spotting a furry friend in the distance throughout the day, whether they were staying hydrated between hay stacks, or roaming the fields with their human servant. Is #DogsOfWonderfruit a thing? It needs to be.

8. The first-timer with big eyes

There’s always somebody who is experiencing Wonderfruit for the first time. This person got lost a few times, pulled out the map with a flashlight at about 2am to find The Quarry, and may have overdone it at the magic tea stall. They used ‘live.love.wonder’ as their Instagram caption, didn’t bring a reusable cup, or bought all three at the merchandise store (and threw in a cap, too). Adorable, really. 

Wonderfruit 2019 People

9. The one who actually came for the music 

Granted, everyone kind of comes for the music, but there are some people who really came for the music. Catch them at the Solar Stage in the evening, Polygon in the am and down in The Quarry beyond this. They thrive on Forbidden Fruit (interpret however you like), and may have even come alone. You, me, and the music. 

10. Unicorns & Santas

Even if you didn’t spot all the aforementioned characters, you definitely spotted this last one. The unicorns and Santas came in a group, probably flew in from abroad, wore matching onesies they got from a costume store, and were not at all embarrassed by it. We always knew Wonderfruit was for wondrous creatures. All the more power to them. 


Lisa Gries
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