Diverse dishes, bold spices, dynamic flavours: Asian food doesn’t make it easy for wine pairing. That’s what Château Palmer understood before they took the opportunity to show us first-hand how French wine can be beautifully complementary alongside an Asian-inspired menu. At the finest of Thai restaurants, Bangkok’s very own Michelin-starred Le Du, Château Palmer teamed up with 3 top chefs from Bangkok, Manila, and Taipei last month to create a special menu that paired strong Asian dishes with their French wines.

This was a one-of-a-kind 6-hands dinner led by some three highly acclaimed chefs of Asia, including Thitid (Ton) Thassanakajohn of Le Du, the Michelin-starred restaurant that was also listed among ‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018’; Richie Lin of the Mume, the restaurant in Taipei among ‘Asia’s 50 best restaurants 2018’ and last but not least, Jordy Navarra of Manila’s Toyo Eatery. Not only was an unfamiliar partnership taking place, but the food itself was also going to be a whirl of innovative Asian tastes. Needless to say, we were curious to see the results.

After some amuse-bouche delights from the 3 chefs, the cold tiger prawn appetiser was served with an even colder glass of white wine. Already, we were persuaded. Both the flavours and textures balanced each other perfectly. The sweetness and lightness of the wine was great with the subtle saltiness and chewiness of the prawns.

The tangy squid had the Château Palmer 2012 by its side, and the sweet curried sea catfish was accompanied by the Château Palmer 2005. The wines each made an excellent earthy base to keep coming back to after each bite of marine zest.

Then we moved onto land. The pork belly was an absolute show-stopper of street food indulgence, and Château Palmer’s 1995, a smooth red, made it all the more of a heavenly experience. The rich texture and slight sweetness of the ox tongue made it a perfect partner of the Château Palmer red 2000, a classic savoury wine.

The dessert course, or courses we should say, ended the meal with more mind-blowing combinations. Dark chocolate with dried salty fish? Outrageously brilliant. The delicious desserts were also rounded off beautifully with Château Palmer’s smooth Alter Ego 2015.

The evening with Château Palmer in pictures:

The tasting menu by 3 chefs from Bangkok, Manila, and Taipei curated specially in order to pair Asian flavours with Château Palmer’s French Wine.

Our trusty connoisseurs: Thomas Duroux, CEO & Winemaker of Château Palmer and Damien Grelat, Export Director of Château Palmer, prepare the line-up of wines to be paired.

Meanwhile, a top chef from Taipei, Richie Lin, prepares the first course.

The first (and only) white wine of the evening: Vin Blanc de Palmer 2016, ready to pair with the Wild Tiger Prawns.

First Course: The Wild Tiger Prawns. Paired with Château Palmer white 2016.

Chef Ton of Le Du talks us through the second course, the squid.

Serving up the Château Palmer 2012 for the second course.

The delicious squid for the second course. Perfect with Château Palmer 2012.

A change of wine again: this time the Château Palmer 2005.

With the Château Palmer 2005, the third course was the amazing sea bass with a sweet curry sauce.

A top chef from Manila, Jordy Navarra, talks us through the fourth course, his most delicious Pork Belly dish.

The show-stopping pork belly. Stunningly paired with the beautiful Château Palmer 1995.

A pour of Château Palmer 2000 before the oxtail tongue main course.

The rich, full-flavoured oxtail tongue sits perfectly next to the Château Palmer 2000.

The chocolate dessert, with an added saltiness which was wonderfully new.

An exciting array of Asian-influenced desserts.

And a solid finish with Alter Ego 2015: a wonderful round-off to the meal.

A special thank you to the 3 incredible chefs for an eye-opening experience and amazingly creative meal.