Vibrant, flavourful, artistic — these are three words that come to mind when we tried the first sip of Campo Viejo, a premium wine from Spain. Last week, Pernod Ricard director Quentin Job hosted a lively and interactive introduction to the newly distributed wines at the trendy rooftop Spanish restaurant, Uno Mas. The event presented “Campo Viejo Winemaker’s Art” alongside a social and creative masterclass led by Paint Bar Bangkok, bringing the vineyard and the canvas in parallel.

While tasting the wines in their various flavours (sangria included, of course), the wine lovers were also seated with their very own blank canvas ready to be painted. With the help of the art instructors from Paint Bar Bangkok – the first and only paint bar in the city – we each embarked on our personal artistic journeys.

Campo Viejo Chief Winemaker, Elena Adell, prioritises freedom when it comes to crafting her unique Rioja wines. Likening her premium wine to her personal artistic masterpiece, she now invites Bangkok to see the true art of wine with Campo Viejo. Here’s a recap of the artsy, laughter-filled afternoon that successfully won the city to this beautiful Spanish wine.


Quentin Job, managing director of Pernod Ricard (Thailand), officially announces the arrival of Campo Viejo in Bangkok. Wine connoisseurs were fittingly hosted on the rooftop Spanish restaurant, Uno Mas, with its sweeping views of the city from Centara Grand’s 54th floor.


The wine tasters were seated together opposite their own canvas. With a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of Campo Viejo in the other, they set off on a painting masterclass led by Paint Bar Bangkok. The objective? Painting a vineyard at sunset.


Of course, even with one instructor, everybody’s masterpiece turned out differently. Elena Adell, the Campo Viejo Chief Winemaker, explains that winemaking involves a similar kind of artistic freedom and uniqueness. “Your artwork is a representation of your own personal passions.” She likens the vineyards of Rioja to her natural canvas, and the 100% Tempranillo grape — always grown with care to ensure its unique character — is a key component of her palette.


“Campo Viejo Winemaker’s Art” is made with highly-concentrated Tempranillo grapes sourced exclusively from cooler-climate, higher-altitude vineyards. They’re then matured for 18 months in 70% American and 30% French oak barrels to preserve maximum fruit character.

The wine is deep red and has a beautiful aroma of red and dark fruit flavours like raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. There are also subtle notes of spice, and smooth, silky tannins. If you’re looking to pair this for a dinner, it’s recommended to complement meats and peppery flavours. At Uno Mas, wine tasters also got to try pairing Campo Viejo with dishes such as Pyrenees Lamb Loin, Catalan Cannelloni with black truffle, and prime-rib beef.

Experience the flavour of Rioja’s contemporary style with Campo Viejo Winemaker’s Art at Uno Mas Restaurant, 54/F Centara Grand at Central World. (Open: 4pm-1am). Reservations: Tel: 02 100 6255.

For more information about Paint Bar Bangkok, please visit:

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