Lovers of all that sparkles and shimmers: the Chopard Happy Sport collection has officially made it to Bangkok.

In an exclusive launch party hosted by Cortina Watch (Thailand), Chopard welcomed a host of local celebrities and watch and jewellery enthusiasts alike for a celebration of the new line at the Waldorf Astoria.

The evening featured highlight pieces from the Chopard Happy Sport collection, as well as a few very special editions. The ‘Happy Sport Oval’ from Baselworld was on display for guests to admire, featuring the original ‘galet’ bracelet to adorn the very first watch in this iconic collection all the way back in 1993.

As the evening progressed, guests were invited to take part in a range of activities, from making floral arrangements to crafting unique zodiac keychains. Elegant yet fun-loving — very much like the collection of the night — scroll ahead for an exclusive sneak peek into the event.