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Why we’re heading to ICONSIAM for the most spectacular countdown to 2020

Do you have plans for New Year’s yet? 

Where Australia has the Sydney Opera House, Dubai has the Burj Khalifa, and New York brings us Times Square, Bangkok has ICONSIAM. And this year, in line with last year, the exceptional landmark on the banks of the Chao Phraya river is welcoming even more admirers to witness its New Year spectacle. 

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The Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020

Joining hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, as well as both public and private sectors and communities, ICONSIAM will present a grand spectacle entitled ‘The Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020’. Following a ‘Seven Wonders of Blessings’ concept, the event will take place on 31 December, celebrating New Year’s Eve and the beginning of the new year in great splendour. 

A joyful atmosphere to cherish, The Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020 is set to prove why both ICONSIAM and Thailand are world-class destinations, and why the glorious River of Kings meanders proudly as a national landmark. To commemorate this, the whole area will be decorated with dazzling lights for a picturesque ambience, heightened by live entertainment acts and cultural performances. 

Eco-friendly Celebrations

As Thailand gets on track with the rest of the world in an effort to be more environmentally-friendly and more sustainable, much of the celebrations will follow eco-friendly practices. 

One of the key highlights will be the firework show made of Thai sticky rice (yup), as well as an innovative and sustainable firework from Japan. These will be set up along the river spanning an area of over 1400 metres. It is expected that within a 2 kilometre radius from the venue, over one million viewers will be able to watch the magnificent fireworks, in a truly city-wide celebration. 

Yet whilst the vibrant firework colours are sure to shower much of Bangkok with New Year joy, viewers who wish to get the best view should head to the 7th floor of ICONSIAM to enjoy the best perspective. There will also be various viewing points along the river banks, from piers to entertainment venues, and hotels. 

ICONSIAM Countdown 2020

Seven Wonders of Blessings

The firework show is broken down into seven acts, each of which illustrate the rich heritage of Thai history, the kingdom’s prosperity, the nation, religion, monarchy, agricultural abundance, and respect to the royal institution. All seven acts are said to have auspicious meanings, ensuring a prosperous start to 2020. Find out more below:

Act 1, The Glory: Golden showers of fireworks will represent the victory over the land, and the blessings by the reigns of Thai kings throughout history

Act 2, Sustainability: Fireworks will expand like a big tree spreading its banchs into the sky, to wish the King a long life. This represents the kindness of His Majesty the King towards the Thai people

Act 3, Prosperity: As the fireworks light up the sky, this act aims to point to the moral glorification of religion, and a peaceful way of life. 

ICONSIAM Countdown 2020

Act 4, Joy to the World: Colourful fireworks in vibrant strips will light up the sky in this act, symbolising the happiness of the Thai people and leading a joyful life. 

Act 5, Diamond in the Sky: Representing Suvarnabhumi, or the land of abundance, the diamond flash-like fireworks are designed to resemble seeds that have been spread and will soon grow. 

Act 6, Lucky Star: Welcoming the new year, Lucky Star will feature small land large fireworks to represent fortune, harmony, and auspicious blessings. 

Act 7, Power of Love: The final act will see the sky light up in red fireworks, representing the power of love, care, and protection. 

ICONSIAM Countdown 2020

Both public and private organisations will also be providing various modes of transport and facilities for visitors to gain access to The Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020 at ICONSIAM. The area along the Chao Phraya river will also be filled with decorative lights through New Year’s Eve and the New Year celebration. 

ICONSIAM Countdown 2020

Aside from the firework show, there will also be performances and concerts from famous Thai artists. These will start at 5pm on 31 December at River Park, as a fun end of year treat. The official countdown to 2020 will also be accompanied by some of Thailand’s top stars, proving a memorable way to welcome the new decade.

To go back to the opening question: do you have plans for New Years yet? Now you absolutely do. 

The Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020 takes place on 31 December 2019 at River Park, ICONSIAM, 299 Charoen Nakorn Rd., Bangkok. For more information call 1338 or visit www.iconsiam.com.

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