After its 12th year in the limelight of the Thai fashion industry, POEM continues to pursue the brand’s spirit to bring out the glorious values in all women, recently unveiling its Autumn/ Winter 2018 collection with a fabulous fashion show last Thursday. A number of top celebrities and fashion insiders — including Janie TienphosuwanCherry Khemupsorn SirisukhaAnn ThongprasomPrang Kannarun WongkajonklaiSuquan Bulakool, Kwan Usamanee WaitayanonFay Onchuma DurongdejBirdie Parva NakasaiJinny Kerika Chotivichit, and Lek Naphaporn Bodiratnangkura — were all seated in the front row to witness the stunning creations.

Drawing upon the astrological phenomenon that occurred in Bangkok last March, POEM’s creative designer Sean Chavanon Caisiri put forward the emblem of a lunar eclipse and galactic crystallization by incorporating curve and spheric elements into his latest designs. Think, curvy corset bralettes, sphere mini skirts and billowing dresses. Under a staged moonlight, the runway was dazzled with colour palettes that were the reimagination of the blood moon, including midnight black, navy blue and maroon red shades. Towards the end, famous actress Yaya Urassaya Sperbund took to the stage and truly stole the show in POEM’s glamorous ombré ballgown.

Click ahead to see the photos from the scene, as well as our favourite looks from the star-studded runway.