As we jump into July, we are heading towards the auspicious occasion of His Majesty’s birthday. And indeed, with such a cause for celebration, the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (RBSO) will be honouring H.M. King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua’s birthday anniversary with a Royal Celebration Concert on Friday 12 July 2019.

The Royal Celebration Concert will take guests on a whistle-stop tour of Mozart’s most exciting and dramatic symphonies. A skipping horn tune coupled with some playful strings, here’s when you know Mozart’s best pieces are being played in the hall. Along with Wolfgang Mozart’s compositions, we will hear the tunes of the prolific musician from the classical period, Franz Joseph Haydn, as well as the respected Thai composer Dr. Narongrit Dhamabutra.

Conductor Michel Tilkin

You don’t have to be a classical music lover to enjoy and appreciate the symphonies of an orchestra. Listen to the different musical instruments tuning in to create a harmony that touches your soul. Expect to hear Mozart’s Symphony no.35 in D major K.385 composed back in 1782 (also known as Haffner’s symphony) filled with crackling energy and drama. Also, listen to Hayden’s Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major which was treasured as a revolutionary addition to trumpet repertoires. Dr. Narongrot Dhamabutra’s Bodindra Symphony will add a fresh quintessence to the classics.

RBSO brings a rare combination of compositions once again conducted by Michel Tilkin and this time with Trumpet player Manu Mellaerts. The unique pair promises a night of celebration of some of the most renowned classical music in history. The master himself, Michel Tilkin, is also the Music Director of RBSO and has successfully performed at international podiums. He is admired for his charming presence on the musical stage and shaping large symphonic structure.

Trumpet player Manu Mellaerts

Alongside we will see Trumpet player Manu Mellaerts bring his experience of baroque and classical repertoire to the stage. Mellaerts was the first solo-trumpet at the Orchestra of National Opera in Brussels and he is currently a professor at the Brussels Conservatory. Mallaerts has earned a name for himself by winning the Belgian “Tenuto” contest and international trumpet contest in Toulon.

This concert is brought together by the Minister of Culture, Department of Cultural Promotion, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Bangkok Dusit Medical Service, Muang Thai Insurance and with the continuous support of B.Grimm.


RBSO’s Royal Celebration Concert will be on Friday 12 July 2019 8 Pm at the Main Hall, Thailand Cultural Centre. To get your tickets or find out more, visit via

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