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River City Bangkok brings the works of European masters to the city in this one-of-a-kind multimedia exhibition

Experience a journey to uncover hidden artful secrets from the modernist age, all via cutting-edge technology in a projection format that will bring the works of many renowned European artists to life. 

FROM MONET TO KANDINSKYis a unique and technologically advanced multimedia exhibition that made a successful debut back in 2017 whilst in Berlin, attracting over 60,000 visitors in what was considered by many art enthusiasts a huge success. It’s so impressive that the exhibition in Berlin received an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors – so positive that they decided to extend the exhibition until 2018.



FROM MONET TO KANDINSKY’ is now landing in Bangkok for the first time and we are excited to see the masterpieces of 16 of some of the most respected international artists for the very first time at River City Bangkok. Witness a 360° panoramic journey with more than 1,500 pieces from over 20 of the world’s finest museums. Embark on viewing over 50 selected masterpieces by artists such as Claude Monet, who is considered the pioneer of Impressionism art, from a new perspective. 

Vision Multimedia Projects, modern multimedia expert and an international-based company, will be using digital technology such as multichannel graphics animation, state-of-the-art projectors, and surround sound to bring this exhibition to life. Their exhibitions have received critical acclaim worldwide including in Russia, Europe, Australia, and North America. The exhibition will be displayed large-scale in the 1,200 sqm RCB Galleria on the 2nd Floor at River City Bangkok.  

How fascinating would it be to explore this multimedia art exhibition? To all of Bangkok’s art enthusiasts, students, and newbies looking for inspiration, this is where you should go to feel enlightened.


Masters of Modernists 




This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view works of Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Henri Rousseau, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Gustav Klimt, Paul Signac, Piet Mondrian, Amedeo Modigliani, Vincent van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Juan Gris, Paul Klee, Edvard Munch, Kazimir Malevich, and Wassily Kandinsky.  

What makes these masters of modernism unique is that they created their own worlds during the most turbulent of times. Between reality and what was painted on the canvas started to fade away. For instance, Paul Gauguin’s works are really the reflection of the master’s inner attitude with his dreams intertwined with the myths of the peoples of Oceania. Whereas Gustav Klimt’s female images are full of erotism that fade in decorative splendour. Kazimir Malevich, also the ideologist of suprematism, believed that pure art consists of objectless pictures. Through schematism, Wassily Kandinsky revealed the power to evoke free associations. Each masterpiece has a story to tell. 


Art Revolution  



Expect to time-travel back to the 19th Century and early 20th century when society faced political upheaval, wars, and the industrial revolution brought new technology and inventions. During this time, the new art movement, termed “Modernism” was born, and the instability and chaotic changes were all captured in abstract art, surrealism, expressionism, and impressionism.  

This 26-week exhibition will allow you to deeply understand and learn more about the art and creative sides of these incredible and historic artists. Visitors can attend workshops, talks by leading national and international scholars and experts as well as enjoy dance and musical performances.  

River City Bangkok, Asia’s premier antiques and arts center, has been committed to offering stories valued beyond time for the last 33 years. River City Bangkok offers a prime experience to appreciate art, its beauty and priceless possessions from collective antiques to art décor. Their newly opened second-floor art space allows a wide range of contemporary art exhibitions. Most importantly, they are committed to educating people of all ages on the true meaning of artLifestyle Asia Bangkok is proud to be one of the official media partners of River City Bangkok who has, and is continuing to build a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern art.  


FROM MONET TO KANDINSKY starts from April 26 – July 31 from 10am-10pm. You can grab your tickets now via Zip Event.

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