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Siam Center The Ideaopolis celebrates Pride Month with “The World of Freedom & Pride”

Staying true to Siam Piwat’s core values and in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Siam Center the World of Freedom & Pride celebrates the freedom and pride of the LGBTQ+ community and stands for a more inclusive, diverse, and equal future. 

We may soon be heading towards the end of June, but the celebrations of PRIDE are far from over. 

This especially rings true to Siam Center and the UNDP’s latest collaboration, Siam Center the World of Freedom & Pride, running from 7 June to 3 July, 2022. Delivered via a series of fun-filled and educational activities to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness for Pride Month, the one-month-long campaign also serves as an amplification of Siam Center’s commitment to be a DiversCity Building (Diversity + City) in supporting diversity, equality, and inclusion for all.

The latest campaign, which falls under Siam Center’s theme as being ‘The Ideaopolis’ – an epicentre of imagination and creativity in art, fashion, music, technology and lifestyle, officially kicked off on June 15 to much fanfare and excitement. 

From June 15 to July 3, visitors will get to enjoy the Pride Pop Up store offering Pride-themed items from leading brands such Absolute Siam and LOFT, take memorable photos at the Freedom Space and photo booths scattered around the mall, as well as immersing themselves in activities such as panel discussions, drag shows, cover dance shows, and street music. Not only will The World of Freedom & Pride celebrate Pride Month, but part of its proceeds will also be given to the UNDP to support the organisation’s commitment in delivering diversity and inclusion among society, especially for marginalised groups. 

Here are all the highlights from the campaign that you cannot miss. 

Rainbow Vibes

To reflect the various colours, immense diversity, the unity of the LGBTQ+ community and people in society who can harmoniously live together regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other differences – the rainbow-like, multi-colored decorations are splattered throughout the mall as a showcase of that Pride.

Freedom Space

Located on Atrium 1, G Floor, the Freedom Space consists of four colourful backdrops and stages that showcase our multidimensional selves and differences. It is an ideal place to check-in, take photos, and express support for diversity and inclusion by sharing them via social media.

Freedom & Pride Talk

The highlight of the launch on June 15, where moderator Khemarat ‘DJ Oung’ Soonthornnont invited influential thought leaders of the LGBTQ+ community on the Freedom Space stage to discuss the freedom, limitations, and future of Pride and people of the LGBTQ+ community in society. 

Present at the talk were renowned thought leader, activist and transgender Phoomwarin Sudhankitara, sensational YouTube doctors from the channel “Khun Mor Ka Cheed Ya Noo Noi” Dr. Sira ‘Pierre’ Korpaisarn and Dr. Tanadol ‘Aob’ Wongsaardsakul and Dr. Jiraporn Arunakul, an adolescence pediatrician from Ramathibodi Hospital, or more commonly known as ‘Mor Oh’ from the famous Facebook page “Lieng Look Nok Baan’. 

Officially kicking off the campaign, the four representatives discussed what it means to truly support the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand. they also discussed about the barriers the community still face, the necessary protection and procedures, such as gender reassignment, that those in the LGBTQ+ community need, and their personal experiences and hardships as members of the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand, all the while educating the public about what diversity and inclusion truly mean for society. 

The Pride Pop Up

Visitors can express their support of PRIDE by taking photos at the photo booth and purchasing Pride-themed collections like from the likes of Absolute Siam and LOFT. Also on sale are colourful accessories, clothes, and bags, which are available throughout the G floor of the mall.

DOMUNDI x Siam Center The Secret Theatre

Located on the 1st Floor and with a free admission, cinema-lovers, Y-series fans, and visitors can immerse themselves in fan-favourite scenes from the five most popular Y-series from Doo Mun Di and Mun Dee Work. 

The mini theatre will star popular Y actors and on-screen couples, such as Cee and Nunew, Mag and Nat, Tutor and Yim, Jimmy and Tommy, as well as Net and James. Fans can also engage in a writing activity in support of diversity and inclusion and get exclusive postcards from the pop-up. 

More Special Offers and Promotions

As part of the event, visitors will also get to witness a fashion design showcase from young designers from Vogue Who’s On Next, The Vogue Fashion Fund. It is an initiative and contest under Vogue Thailand to help young, emerging and promising designers thrive in the fashion industry to create opportunities for them in establishing their own fashion boutique store at Siam Center on the 1st Floor.

In addition, for every THB1,500 spent at Siam Center, shoppers can get a free PRIDE Oil – an exclusive blend of ‘Absolute Siam Set Free’ scent that combines aromatic peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils from Patom. The oils are limited to only 50 items a day, with one person allowed for only one oil. 

Restaurants and cafes at Siam Center have also joined in on the PRIDE celebrations with Pride-themed menus and dishes. 

  • Cake Works presents the Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Cream Apple Pie  and Cherry Mocktail Cheese Tart. 
  • Audrey Café serving the Audrey on my Mind and Kelly in Love beverage. 
  • Baan Ying and their shaved ice topped with Lod Chong Sankaya, Bua Loy and Taro Sauce, Lychee and Pepo, Mango Cream or Mango Milk, Watermelon and Jelly.
  • Minimelts Thailand serving the Rainbow Signature Ice Cream.
  • Molly Ally and their colorful ice creams Rosie: Cranberry Rose, Juliet: Raspberry Dream Cheese, Grinch: Kale Passion fruit, and Jack: Roasted Pumpkin & Hazelnut Praline.
  • Mom&Sis The Smoothie Café blending a rainbow smoothie, Acai The Rainbow. 
  • On the Table brewing a variety of summer boosting coffee such as the Banoffee Frappuccino, Iced Yuzu Americano, Iced Lychee Americano, and Iced Coff Tea
  • Palsaik Korean BBQ offering eight colours of pork barbeques.
  • Pleased Yogurt Bar serving yogurt ice creams Spoonful of Surprise, Baking Blueberry Cheese Pie, Raspberry Choc Bombard.

Celebrate Pride month and be a part of advocating for diversity and inclusion at “Siam Center The World of Freedom & Pride” all through June 2022 at Siam Center the Ideaopolis. 

For more information, visit: Siam Center’s Facebook page and UNDP Thailand’s website. www.facebook.com/SiamCenter and https://www.facebook.com/UNDPThailand/

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