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Thailand Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020

Here is a sneak peek of what Thailand is up to at Expo 2020 in Dubai. 

Every five years, a World Expo is held. These quinquennial, international expositions provide a platform for countries to showcase their artistry, culture, and innovations to the public. For over 170 years now, World Expo exhibitions are held in different cities around the world and last for six months. The previous one, ‘Expo 2015’, was held in Milan, Italy. 

[Hero and featured image credit: Expo 2020]

Expo 2020 at Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Although the official title is still ‘2020,’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Expo was postponed to late 2021. It began on 1 October 2021 and runs until 31 March 2022. The first Middle Eastern city to host the World Expo, ‘Expo 2020’ at Dubai boasts 192 pavilions, over 60 live events, and roughly 200 eateries. The exhibition offers the best of art, music, architecture, sports, wellness, science, culture, and more. 

Thailand at Expo 2020 

As one of the 192 pavilions, here is what Thailand is showcasing at Expo 2020. Illuminating a harmonious blend of the cultural and architectural identities of the Land of Smiles, the conceptual design of ‘Thailand Pavilion: Mobility For The Future’ personifies four Thai characteristics.

  1. The colour goldEmbracing the dominant colour that illustrates the value of Thai architecture, the colour gold is implemented throughout to emphasise prominent aspects of the Thailand Pavilion.
  2. The ‘Wai’ mannerism

    Beautifully imbuing the Sawasdee Thai mannerism, this renowned greeting is presented through distinctive and exclusive architectural elements of the building. The standout one to look out for is the arched entrance which represents a person performing the ‘wai’ action.
  3. Distinctive Thai architecture

    The arched entrance symbolises the esteemed characteristic common in traditional Thai architecture, as illustrated in Wat Arun’s pagoda.
  4. The floral garland

    A traditional symbol of ‘warm welcome,’ floral garlands are interwoven like floral curtains to decorate the Thailand Pavilion. The Thai art of floral arrangement also encapsulates ongoing development and constant growth. 

Throughout the six month span of the World Expo, live entertainment events including ‘Thai Fighting Spirit,’ ‘Thai Rhythm,’ and ‘Thai Miracle’ are performed to exhibit Thai art and culture. 

For more information on the Thailand Pavilion at Expo 2020, click here and here. 

To visit the official Expo 2020 website, click here. 

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