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Tokyo 2020: a closer look inside the Olympic Village

Are you as hooked on Tokyo 2020 as we are?

If, like us, you can’t keep your eyes off the screen, then it’s likely everything you talk about revolves around the Olympic Games this year, who’s winning what, and who’s competing where.

It’s a nice break from the constant (and somewhat depressing) Covid-19 content, which is why we’ve decided to dig a little deeper to fuel our obsession. What does life inside the Olympic Village look like? What’s up with those cardboard beds? What do the athletes eat? How do they work out with Covid-19 restrictions in place?

[Hero Image Credit: Kyle Dias/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: @mattydiver/Instagram]


Cardboard beds “aimed to avoid intimacy among athletes”

Even before Tokyo 2020 began, the online world erupted in communal laughter and cheeky comments as it was unveiled that the beds at the Olympic Village this year would be made of cardboard. While some say this is for hygienic reasons (lest we forget, there’s still a pandemic), others have noted that this is to prevent intimacy among the athletes competing. What are your thoughts?

Gold medalist Tom Daley gives us a tour of the Team GB block

Did you get emotional when diver Tom Daley received his first gold medal last weekend? Whilst his vlog was posted before the competition, it offers a cool insight and closer look into the Team GB block at the Olympic Village. From bouncing on the bed with his roommate and dive partner Matty Lee over to the canteen and souvenir shop, the charming British athlete shares some interesting insight — and a fascination for self-driving buses, too.

Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan gives us the full experience

Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan has been vlogging his entire journey to Tokyo 2020, often showing the lesser-seen behind-the-scenes including plenty of N95 masks and Covid-19 tests. He updates his channel very regularly, and provides a great way to watch the Olympics from the perspective of a competing athlete.

The German table tennis team offers a close-up of the rooms

Getting ready for the table tennis event to start, the Germany men’s team for table tennis offers a closer look into the rooms at the Olympic Village, including the views over the water, the kit and gear, community space, recycling area, and the heavily screened gym.

“What happens in the Olympic Village…” Perspective from two-time Olympian Nick Symmonds

What is life in the Olympic Village really like? Former middle-distance track athlete Nick Symmonds walks us through all the nitty gritty details, from security to free food over getting to know new people. He likens it to staying in a dorm — including the partying. He also has some comments on the cardboard beds.

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