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"Don’t judge a book by its cover." You've probably heard this phrase a lot, and that’s exactly the principle we are going to follow this year. There’s something special about starting fresh in January and probably the best time to curate a list of novels you promise to read this year. It can be quite overwhelming to enter a book store and spend hours to find that one book that really hits the spot. Whether you’re the type who loves reading a tangible hard copy or the one who likes to use their kindle to read on-the-go,t here’s something for everyone to start fresh this January, based on our theme “To New Beginnings!”. Here, we’ve curated a list of books that we think you might enjoy. Don’t wait, grab a cuppa of hot chocolate (or cha yen) and get booked.
Must-reads: 5 books you need to read this January 2020
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Alisha Pawa
Alisha is a passionate dancer and is always creating her own choreographies. She is a fan of rom-com novels, a coffee-drinker who loves tea, and is always on-the-go for her midnight chocolate cravings. She hopes to tick-off her never-ending bucket list one day by hosting her own travel show.