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7 Thai celebrities who are also pet lovers

In the midst of the current lockdown, we’re seeing more celebrities sharing moments they spend with their furry friends. Here are 7 Thai celebrities you probably never knew were pet lovers.

We’re not just following our favourite Thai celebrities, but we love seeing updates from their celebrity pets as well. If you want to fill your social media feeds with some light-hearted cuteness, here are the celebrities we’re following — and their pets, too. 

[Hero Image Credit: Nancy Guth/Pexels]

Marie Broenner

Marie Broenner has no lonely moments thanks to her adorable furry friends. Aside from her adopted cat, members of her gang also include a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and rabbit. Lately, she has been posting more updates on her pets and there’s no way her followers aren’t loving it.

Yong Armchair

Yong Armchair is a true cat lover, and all photos of him with his adopted cat Somyood are what the fans are here for. He’s even sharing the love for Somyood through an Instagram account dedicated especially to it. A famous pet indeed.

Kan Kantathavorn

Not only is Kan Kantathavorn known as one of Thailand’s best MCs, but he is also the daddy of a playful gang of five Shiba dogs. Together with his wife, they also have a cat named Unni. The followers are getting a regular dose of laughter from their pets through a dedicated Youtube channel too.

Tengneung Kannit

This lovely white cat called Fei is already stealing all the attention from its owner, Tengneung Kannit. Though this singer-turned-chef is often busy in the kitchen, his cooking photos with Fei have all the fans are head over heels for its overload of cuteness.

Mew Nittha

Mew Nittha is a proud mom of Thames, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. Though Thames is not as energetic as other dogs, his sleepiness and the charm he exudes have captivated the hearts of her followers.

Pattie Ungsumalin

Pomeranian Neon is not just Pattie Ungsumalin’s best friend, but also a travelling companion. No matter where he goes, this white fluffy friend is helping her to spread joy to all of her followers. 

Alek Teeradetch

Alek Teeradetch’s adopted a stray dog and aptly named him Adopt. Despite his fur allergy, the bond between them has garnered attention from many people. The dog with the two-coloured eyes is absolutely his partner in crime.

7 Thai celebrities who are also pet lovers

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