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Blackpink’s Lisa gears up for her solo debut

If you’re a fan of Lisa from Blackpink, this is what you’ve been wanting to hear after years of high anticipation.

Whilst the 4+1 project for Blackpink’s 5th anniversary is around the corner, Lisa is also gearing up for her solo debut this summer. There has yet to be any confirmation for the release date and further details regarding the album, but a lot of excitement is already in the air. Here’s why you should be staying tuned.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Instagram @lalalalisa_m]

She’s not the first Blackpink member to have a solo debut

Lisa will be the third member of Blackpink to have her stage, following the solo debut of her fellow bandmates Jennie and Rosé in 2018 and earlier this year respectively. Rumours have been circulating for years, and it was only until April when fans started to believe that her solo debut is real. Harper’s Bazaar Thailand posted a photo of Lisa on Instagram with the caption “Stay tuned for Lisa’s solo debut in June.” Initially, there was no response from her label. However, fans could finally celebrate when the label’s representative broke their silence in June and released a statement to confirm her solo debut this summer.

Her fans have been waiting for this moment

Image Credit: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

Last month, fans speculated that Lisa may have dropped a major hint for her coming solo debut. She took to her Instagram story and shared a photo of the sound file named Lalisa, and even captioned the photo ‘What’s my name?’. It didn’t take longer than an hour before her Instagram story became a worldwide trend with over 200,000 retweets on Twitter. Although there is considerable ambiguity about what the caption means, the fact that she may have revealed spoilers for her solo debut has already got all the fans buzzing.

It’s guaranteed to be a hit

Image Credit: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

As the most followed member of Blackpink, her rapping and dance skills never fail to wow the fans. However, compared to other members, it’s slightly disappointing that she gets lower screen time and lyrics distribution. Thus, her solo debut is going to make up for all of that and it’s something we can’t be happier about. Plus, her solo debut will certainly be a hit. Fans are already on the edge of their seats, waiting to see the new side of her as a singer. At the same time, we can anticipate the fashion trend that her music video will trailblaze.

Blackpink’s Lisa gears up for her solo debut

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