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Jes-Jespipat on work, personal life, and lessons learnt along the way

“Don’t mix work and your personal life together.” 

We often hear the saying, ‘The older you get, the wiser you are,’ which is true for many. As we age, we become more exposed to different situations and circumstances. These new experiences allow us to learn and grow as a person. So, as this month’s theme is ‘Live and Life,’ LSA brings to you our April Digital Cover star Jespipat Tilapornput.

Signed under Channel One 31 is the Thai actor Jespipat Tilapornput, whom many know as Jes. The 31-year-old star first appeared in the Thai drama Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur, playing the lead role in 2017. Throughout the years, Jes has been involved in various Thai TV shows, such as Talay Rissaya, Sea of Envy, Ley Luang, and more. The star has also gained much recognition, fame, and success, but how does he balance it all? Keep on reading to find out. 

JES Digital Cover

What are you currently working on? 

Right now, there’s a Thai drama called Rak Rai that I am in. It’s also on air on Channel One 31. About twelve episodes have been released. 

How was working with Davika Hoorne, Mew Suppasit, and Lily Pansirithanachote in your latest Thai drama, Rak Rai

It’s super fun filming with them. We’re all around the same age, so when we’re on set, it’s like talking with your friends, even if some topics are stressful. We all have a good relationship with one another to the point that we go out together. Everyone is very nice. 

What makes you want to accept a role? 

I base it on how different the role is compared to the previous characters I’ve played. By playing something different, I won’t feel bored. Although the script isn’t 100% the same, there will always be some similarities. I don’t want to play something that makes me feel like I’m on autopilot. That’s why I like to play new characters. The more different it is, the better it is. It’s also more challenging, which makes me want to push myself even more. I also get excited about the role.

You’ve been in this industry for a while; how do you remain relevant and keep up with the trends?

There will always be new faces and trends. We just have to make sure to never be complacent and never lose who we truly are. If you know the trends, like what people like or what they’re doing, I just ask myself can I do it too? If I can, I will join some. But honestly, I can’t do all of this by myself. A good team is needed too.  

What’s something important you learned along the way in this industry?

Don’t mix your work and your personal life. It may seem like you can combine the two, but separating them is better. Refrain from bringing your family, love, or life problems into your work. It’ll just make you more stressed. 

You’re in your 30s now; what things have you learned?

I learned to be a better person with others. It makes me feel good about myself because when I was younger, I would be stubborn, hotheaded, and ungrateful. I never cared what people said. I didn’t listen to people, either. One day, I realised you can’t live like that. Well, it’s possible, but behaving that way doesn’t solve or improve anything. It just created more chaos. Now, I try to understand certain situations. Besides that, I choose to let go of things that aren’t worth stressing about. I feel much better as I grow older because I have a different mindset. 

Jes-Jespipat on work, personal life, and lessons learnt along the way

Drinking is best during the day, especially when at brunch. If she's not working, catch her at the gym or socializing with friends. An introvert extrovert at heart. She's a Capricorn.

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