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LSA Debutante: Kim Goodburn on winning Thailand’s first-ever Mister International crown

Welcome back to Lifestyle Asia Thailand’s LSA Debutante, where we meet Thailand’s younger generation and talk about their thoughts and opinions on current topics. This month, we feature our first-ever male debutante, Thitisan ‘Kim’ Goodburn, the winner of Mister International 2023.

As beauty pageants gain popularity in Thailand, we’ve seen many new faces that have surprised us with their intelligence, talent, and compassion. One particular of these individuals is Kim Goodburn. Maybe it’s his good looks, good wit, charisma, or all of the above, but something in Kim made him shine beyond the rest. After winning Mister International Thailand this year, the 24-year-old also won the Mister International global competition. So, without further ado, let’s get to know this British-Thai model, actor, tech consultant, and now beauty king a bit more.

[All Images Credit: Instagram @kimgoodburn & @mithailandofficial]

LSA Debutante: Kim Goodburn on winning Thailand’s first-ever crown for Mister International 2023

Thitisan ‘Kim’ Goodburn, winner of Mister International 2023

On becoming Thailand’s first-ever Mister International 2023

Winning the title of Mister International Thailand and becoming Thailand’s first-ever Mister International in the same year is remarkable. But how does one prepare for this, especially when it’s their first pageant? Even though Kim has been in front of the camera since secondary school, he admitted that he was not always so confident. However, with preparation, experience, and a change of heart, that confidence grew. 

“I prepared for Mister International Thailand (MIT), but I didn’t have much time for the global competition. However, participating in MIT before the main event helped me a lot. All the activities within the contest taught us many things. It helped improve my catwalk and mindset, showing me how to develop as a person. I’m delighted to win this crown for Thailand for the first time, and I’m honoured to be the first male pageant king in Thai history. After this, I will pursue my career in acting and modelling as usual. I also look forward to working with a few CSR organisations and possibly the TIJ for Thailand.”

Kim Goodburn and the other contestants during their camp in Ayutthaya

Beauty pageants are more than they appear to be 

Despite the common misconception that beauty pageants solely focus on physical appearance, there is more to them than meets the eye. “Initially, I believed that looks were the only thing that mattered. However, after participating, I realised that these competitions are about much more than that.” When asked to elaborate, Kim stated that beauty pageants are about finding exemplary individuals who can serve as societal role models. It is a search for someone compassionate, empathetic, a good listener, and who can represent society’s voice. 

Beauty pageants are also about making new connections, which is one of Kim’s favourite parts. “Before getting to know the contestants, I was slightly scared. As a Thai person and having our camp in Ayutthaya, Thailand’s historical hub, sometimes people can be bored of cultural stuff. But to see everyone so appreciative and interested in our culture made me really happy. Although it was a competition, it felt like networking. I made many new, incredible friends from different countries. It’s an opportunity you don’t really get.”

Advice for newcomers in the pageant world

Kim’s most valuable advice for newcomers is to always be true to yourself, set a good example for others, and be accountable for your actions. He believes that good looks are not the only requirement for success. “I certainly am not the most handsome person, but it’s my traits. You need charisma and talent to be able to face certain circumstances and to be a positive role model.” Kim also emphasised how it’s not only about representing your country in a beauty pageant. It’s representing the world and being the voice of the unheard. He further added that although competing in pageants can be difficult, getting the crown is possible. One may need some training and acquiring soft skills over time. 

As we conclude our conversation, Kim would like to thank everyone who supported him. “I am deeply thankful for all the support and kind words from people worldwide. It’s so heartwarming. I hope my journey in this pageant and life inspires both the younger and older generations.”

LSA Debutante: Kim Goodburn on winning Thailand’s first-ever Mister International crown

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