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6 tips for meeting your partner’s parents and making a perfect first impression

Preparing to meet the Parents? Check out these tips to make that perfect first impression. 

Meeting your partner’s parents is a significant moment in any relationship, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Even though your boyfriend or girlfriend may insist their parent(s) will love you, one can’t help the anxious thoughts. That’s okay because we have some tips we’d like to share. 

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6 tips for meeting your partner’s parents and making a perfect first impression

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Ask about your partner’s parents’ personality, hobbies, and topics to avoid 

It is crucial to ask about your partner’s parents’ character. Simple questions like what your mum and dad like can be beneficial. For example, if one parent is quiet when they don’t talk much to you, you’ll know why, and it won’t be awkward. Also, ask about their hobbies and if there are any sensitive topics. With hobbies, if there is something you both like, for instance, the same football team, you can bring that topic up. Finding common ground will help make better-talking points. Meanwhile, subjects to avoid will ensure you don’t come into a dispute. 

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Never go empty-handed 

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. You always have to bring something with you. The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be thoughtful. You can’t go bad with wine, fruits, flowers, baked goods, or a candle. Bring an appetiser if your significant other’s parents are hosting a meal at home. 

Compliments and saying “thank you”

Everyone loves a good compliment. Saying things like “Your son/daughter was raised so well” or “Oh, that’s where he/she gets their looks from” will surely put a smile on their faces. If they’re cooking a meal, compliment how good the food tastes. Lastly, always say, “Thank you.” Whatever it is, it’s all about being polite.  

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Be engaging

Try to engage in conversations first. It’s essential to be active, even though it can be scary. Asking questions is a good way. It’ll also make them feel relevant and special. Questions like “where did you grow up?” or” how was (your partner’s name) like as a kid?” will get them talking. Parents love to talk about memories. You could also learn more about your partner this way. 

Always offer to help

If the parents are hosting a meal, offer to help set up the dining table or to clean. Went grocery shopping with them? Offer to carry the bags. Are the grandparents there? Ask if they need assistance with walking. Any simple tasks will do. The most important thing is to be genuine.

6 tips for meeting your partner’s parents and making a perfect first impression

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