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Working two jobs with Sarun ‘Neng’ Naraprasertkul

Although the careers of veterinarians and actors may sound completely different, the outcome of creating happiness is the same. 

This month for LSA Live, we had the chance to meet the talented actor and veterinarian, Sarun ‘Neng‘ Naraprasertkul. This incredible 28-year-old is here to update us on the latest summer trend as he collaborates with Paris’ famous brand, SANDRO. With that, Neng tells us how he had found multiple new fashion items for the upcoming hot season, as before, he was “intimidated to walk into this shop.” However, after working with them, he realised this fashion house is relatable and perfect for any occasion. After the fashion shoot, we chitchatted with the Thai star as he talked about his life and the new acting roles he had been shooting for. Keep on reading to see what Neng has to reveal. 


What skills acquire from participating in a lot of activities? 

I gained a lot of social skills, such as communication. When you do activities, you need to work with other people. You need to work as a team or as a group. If I didn’t join these activities, I would simply be learning in school. I would be by myself, reading books, as I’m pretty introverted. However, with this, I learn to talk to people and deal with them and specific situations. It also helped me learn how to live my life better. 


We heard you wanted to be an engineer before. How come you decided to choose to be a veterinarian? 

In high school, I had a group of male friends. Everyone wanted to be an engineer and planned to study that for their degree. However, I did not meet anyone that year because of a flood. I was at home all the time, which made me question, “did I want to be an engineer, or was I following my friends?” Later on, I realised I wanted to be a vet. I love animals. Even watching documentaries about them is enjoyable; my father is a vet too. So, I chose to follow that path.


As a veterinarian, do you specialise in anything? 

I graduated in general med, so I care for cats and dogs. For everything that’s more narrow, such as heart disease or bone disease, these cases are for doctors who specialise in these things. I’m just a general practitioner. 


How do you balance being an actor and a veterinarian?

It’s not that balanced (haha). It just depends on the period. For example, I focus on something specific for a year. If I shoot a Thai drama for half the year, I will focus on that entirely. However, I would dedicate my time to being a full veterinarian if I had no dramas to shoot. I would still do that job but work in management. I don’t want any work to set me back, so whatever job is the focus of that year, I will do that more. 


Do you like being in the entertainment industry?

My mom always wanted me to become a star. She loves seeing me on television. I never thought I’d be here, but I had an opportunity once I finished vet school. At first, I felt like I didn’t belong. But it’s fun after working for a while and learning and understanding how this industry works. I find excitement in trying new challenging roles. Before, I would be alone and work at the clinic helping animals. Now, I learn more about others and even the characters I play. With that, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the human species.


What’s your secret to being good at everything?

It’s all about how you view things. I feel that I’m not great at everything because we can always learn and develop more. Regarding my veterinarian degree, I only completed a bachelor’s degree. If I had time, I would love to pursue a master’s. However, with acting, I always try to improve. I believe that no one should stop developing themselves, so I’m not that great yet. I am in between, like everyone.


What reflects you better— being an actor or a vet?

This question is hard to answer. I like to do both. I can’t choose. Acting and being a vet have similarities, even though they seem different. When you’re a vet, you care for the animals. It makes the owners, animals, and I happy. Acting is art. When people see your work, it makes them happy. The end goal of both jobs is the same, happiness. 


You take on various roles; how does this challenge your acting career? 

Taking on various roles challenges my acting career because I get to try new things. Some characters I’ve accepted are entirely different from myself and what I’ve played before—for instance, Good Doctor. We’re currently shooting that, and it’ll be on air next year. 

Originally from Korea, this role was challenging. I’m playing the main doctor who has autism. We had a long 2-month workshop to help bring our characters to life. I had to understand and get all the knowledge for this role. I had to read books on autism and talk to doctors specialising in child development. I even observed autistic kids. Autism is a spectrum. There are a lot of levels. I think that autistic people have a lot of potentials because they have a lot of patience regarding the things they like. For example, we might not like certain things forever, but autistic individuals will. When they like something, they’ll focus on that thing entirely. They’ll know everything about what they like, which makes them a specialist in that field. 


What works will we see from you in the future?

Right now, I’m shooting two Thai dramas. The one that will come out this year is Duangjai Jom Krabi under channel 1. It’s a fantasy-like multiverse. However, Good Doctor will be released next year.

Working two jobs with Sarun ‘Neng’ Naraprasertkul

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