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4 top hits that ‘JJ’ Kritsanapoom plays on repeat

Everyone always has their own jams, so here are JJ’s four favorite songs. He couldn’t help but give us a big smile while he shared them, and they’re worth adding to your playlist.

Debuting as a member of 9×9 (Nine by Nine), Nadao’s boy band of nine young, attractive teenagers, he was given an opportunity to sing, dance and exude charisma all over the media. ‘JJ’ Kritsanapoom Phibunsongkhram was quite a sensation, implying that he must have a long shot at this career path. Contributing to starring in an emotional and intense series like Lued Khon Khon Jang (In Family We Trust), which gave him the recognition and star quality he is known for today.

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Even though he has done acting from time to time, our cover star this month always navigates back to his musical side. His latest collaboration with the girl group 4EVE , My Duty is a bright pop song that mesmerises the fans till today. This song is to celebrate his comeback again after staying off grid for a while from the entertainment world. It is considered one of many characteristics that we can expect from him—the manifestation of his potential acquired through his journey.

He can rap as if spitting fire in the song VERY VERY SORRY. He shows his pure lovely vocals through a moderate tempo song Rabiang. The collaboration of Ice-Paris with Dee Dee also completely shined with his intriguing and mischievous charisma. Is there anything he can’t do?

In addition to the updates on work this time, JJ also shared four songs for fans that he said “I listen to a lot of songs, but these four are my go-to jams for the moment.”

4 top hits that ‘JJ’ Kritsanapoom’ plays on repeat

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

The famous rapper from Compton like Kendrick Lamar, apart from producing cool music that hypnotises the world, his music is a big influence for political movements as well. The battle of African Americans to eradicate racism finally made the famous song Alright the national anthem of their new generation by default. JJ, of course, loves this song because of all the perfect elements. He said “I really like this song because the musical elements are very impressive. It narrates life and society, so this song helps me learn more about his [Kendrick Lamar’s] stories and understand more of what I didn’t before.”

Jaylerr – Nimman

“Can I choose my own song?” JJ smiles, “I especially like this song because it’s about my childhood since growing up until where I began to make music. It is a song that I was very involved in both writing lyrics and producing beats. I was engaged a lot because it wholly reflects myself.” Nimman is the first song JJ released as a solo artist after the 9×9 project with his bandmates. This song is a story of his own life through a long journey and countless events. With the fast rap verses and strong beats, it illustrates how unique and more mature he is.

Rich Brian – Drive Safe

This northern boy’s third song is Drive Safe, a single from the second studio album, The Sailor, from Indonesian artist Rich Brian. In its meaning, the song boasts how Asian teens can be as cool as the Western in terms of their music potential. This new rapper is good at narrating simple stories and rhyming lyrics—very effective for a song about boasting about your musical style. JJ said that he is quite fond of him, “I like this song because it is not complicated, but the meaning is deep. It’s like we call someone to tell them ‘drive safe’. They’re just simple words but meaningful in nature. ”

NIKI – Every Summertime

“I can’t explain why I like it but if anyone listens to it, they’ll get me. It’s a bright-sounding song. It’s like driving down the road and feeling the sun shining through the window.” The last song that JJ talked about is Every Summertime, a song of NIKI from the same agency as Rich Brian (88rising). She has a distinctive voice that goes along well with this great-sounding vintage instrumental which compliments her clear voice, as if transporting you into a dream. This song was also selected as the original soundtrack of Marvel movie Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings.

4 top hits that ‘JJ’ Kritsanapoom plays on repeat

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