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5 reasons why we love Cherilon

Looking for a brand that produces good bras? Cherilon is the brand for you, and here are five reasons why.

Investing in a good bra is vital for every woman, as wearing the wrong one can lead to pain, bad posture, and skin abrasions. A good bra can literally change a lady’s life, which is why we choose Cherilon, a lingerie brand that women can trust. Although the Thai label is known for its stockings, they also produce various other items, including bras. Coming in different styles and made from high-quality materials, Cherilon bras help elevate the look of everyday apparel. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading to find out why Cherilon bras are the best. 


1. Material 

The first thing that makes a good bra is the material. Choosing a bra with the right fabric is essential for many reasons. For example, certain materials can irritate the skin and affect how the clothes fit on the body. Yet with this knowledge, Cherilon makes sure their bras aren’t only stylish but also comfortable for wearers. The brand uses mainly spandex and nylon, which are ideal for bras. Nylon is a lightweight yet strong fabric. It has waterproof qualities as it is moisture-wicking. Individuals can go on with their day without worrying about sweat from their daily activities. Also, this material is stretchy and won’t irritate the skin. 

Spandex, on the other hand, aids in elasticity. This material is crucial as it helps women feel and look good by giving that extra stretch for the perfect fit. As many females have a menstrual cycle, buying bras containing spandex is ideal. The chest area can feel bigger during this time of the month, and bras with spandex will aid in relaxing the tight feeling. Therefore, since Cherilon uses a combination of nylon and spandex, these two make a great duo, creating a high-quality bra.

Courtesy of Cherilon


2. Affordability

Nowadays, finding an affordable bra made from high-quality materials is hard. However, Cherilon does not disappoint, as all their products are reasonably priced. Their focus on quality yet affordable garments helps set them apart from their competitors. Cherilon bras are what you call a bang for your buck. For example, their seamless collection starts ranges from THB 550 to THB 1290. Not to mention, they have good deals as well. 


3. Style 

Cherilon bras are comfortable to wear and perfect for any occasion. Many of their bras serve different functions, which is great for wearing under clothing or on its own. Customers can find everything they need in various styles with this brand. If buyers want a bra that moulds the breasts nicely, try opting for the Slim bra. This line creates a rounded shape in the chest area that compliments the body. Interested in something more fun and playful? Try the Tee Bra. It comes in two designs that can be mixed and matched into many looks and is perfect as a crop top.

Courtesy of Cherilon


4. Colours

Basic coloured bras are a must-have in every woman’s closet as they goes with everything. However, for consumers who desire a more playful vibe, Cherilon can still cater to those needs. The brand carries neutral tones such as nudes, black, brown, and white, as well as lively shades of pink, blue, lavender, green and more. With their wide range of colours, there is always something for everyone.


5. Design

Cherilon’s bras come in various designs. In this case, let’s zoom in on their seamless collection. Coming in many models — for instance, Candy, Slim, Freshy, Bubble, Tee Bra, and NOOM Collection — all the designs are functional and comfortable, yet sexy. The first noteworthy factor includes the breathability of the bras, as sometimes wearing this item can feel tight on the chest. However, with Cherilon’s well-thought-out design, there is no need to worry about this. All Cherilon bras will make you feel confident as they hug the chest area. The additional padding aids in giving the girlies a beautiful silhouette. 

With the use of nylon and spandex for most of its bras, these materials give the body the perfect shape. The softness of the fabric and smoothness that it provides makes clothing fit better. Yet, if shoppers are too lazy to wear a top, there is no need to worry. These bras were also designed to be worn independently as an everyday look. The hookless options such as Candy and Tee are great as a crop top. Wear Cherilon’s bras outside, and all eyes will be on you. 


For further information, visit Cherilon’s website

5 reasons why we love Cherilon

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