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The similarities between Ananda Everingham and Mario Maurer, through life and career

Half Australian and half Laotian, Ananda Everingham, and Thai-Chinese-German, Mario Maurer, have officially joined hands in the trilogy ‘Khun Pan 3.’ Released this March, Lifestyle Asia brings these two incredible actors together on our February digital cover. Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to meet these two at the Centara Grand Hotel, located in Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok, to shoot this month’s fashion set. We also got an exclusive interview with Ananda and Mario, and spoke to them about the film and their personal lives. Read below to find their similarities and differences.

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Famous Films: ‘Anda and Fahsai’ and ‘Love of Siam’

These two have both created a name for themselves through acting in movies. Ananda is famous for the film ‘Anda and Fahsai,’ whereas Mario gained fame through ‘Love of Siam.’ Although both movies have different storylines, they are both based on the lives of a teenager. Ananda’s character conveys the life of an island boy who meets a girl of the same age, and they must prove their love and innocence. As for Mario, he plays a high school boy in the city who is confused about his own sexuality and his relationship with his male friends. Both these films helped pave the way for these two actors, making them well-known in the Thai media industry. 

Students of M.L.Noi: ‘Eternity’ and ‘Jan Dara’

Although these two actors have risen to the top, we must go back in time to find out how they got here. Ananda and Mario’s similarities are that they both had a great teacher who helped them perform their roles, as they are disciples of M.L.Noi, also known as Pundhevanop Dhewakul, a film director who teaches acting to many. M.L. Noi has a style is like no other because he helps his students reduce their ego of being a star and increase their acting skills instead. By using the basis of raw human nature and passion, he can help create characters that feel real.

Hobbies: Behind-the-scenes photography and vintage item collector 

Ananda has repeatedly emphasised that he loves photography and working behind the scenes. That’s why recently, we have seen him take a break from acting as he diverts his attention to being a producer instead. His interest may have stemmed from his father, a recognised professional photographer, thus making him involved in these matters from the beginning. As for Mario, he loves to collect vintage items since he was a kid. Growing up, he started collecting classic cars and old antique furniture. Those who follow him on the “Mario World Channel,” in the “Oh lunla” series, would have seen several episodes where he takes his fans to visit antique shops and goes for a car ride in his classic vehicles around the city. 

‘Pee Mak Phra Khanong’: Pee Mak versus Pee Mak

Mario has another nickname, the billionaire protagonist from his work in ‘Pee Mak… Phra Khanong.’ Bringing laughter to countless Thais in 2013, this film became the highest-grossing Thai movie in the country. Moving over to Ananda, he has also received the Pee Mak comedian role. This adaptation has the same gist but is called ‘Thid Noi,’ where Ananda collaborated with the Thai comedian Pongsak Pongsuwan and helped direct the film himself. There is no need to compare these two Pee Maks as both have unique charm, humour, and the most striking looks of Pee Mak. 

‘Khun Pan 3’

Arriving at their latest work, where they collaborated for the first time, Ananda plays the role of Khun Pan, a policeman responsible for convicting people of their crimes through death. On the other hand, Mario plays Sua Mahesuan, the hundred-faced thief who casts powerful spells and is about to be thrown out of society. This infamous movie has been running for 10 years, and this last chapter marks the trilogy’s end, with the final battle using magic and incantations. How will this story end, and where? We’ll just have to wait and see in theatres on March 2, 2023. 

The similarities between Ananda Everingham and Mario Maurer, through life and career

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